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- Hoahh. That was stronger than I thought it would be.
(energetic pop music)
- What I would expect from Japanese alcohol
is that it will annihilate you.
- They like their karaoke
and you need a lot of courage for that,
so I reckon that it's probably gonna knock my socks off.
- Gonna be hardcore.
- Made from sweet potatoes, see.
- Like a hashbrown in a bottle.
- 25% alcohol! (exhales loudly)
Oh, this is gonna be awesome, let's go!
- Phew! (breathy coughing)
- It's not nice.
- A little bit...
paint thinner-y?
- Kind of mushroom-y?
- That's something that you regret instantly.
- This looks classy.
- Cheers! (clinking)
- That's lovely, that's crisp. - Mmm!
- That's like the perfect summer drink.
- It's like a gatorade, like an alcoholic gatorade.
Like that hit the spot.
- My only problem with it is that it's only
one standard drink, which is not enough.
- Nope.
- Do you have a carton?
I'll take one now.
- So, we've the Demon Slayer sake here.
I think it's a Game of Thrones paraphernalia.
- Demons found this sake so delicious,
they would gather, drink it,
and then just pass out.
Which sounds awesome!
- That's just delightful!
- That's lovely!
- I feel like I just drank a potato?
- I'll have a schooner of that, thanks.
- Yeah, I could do that all day.
- This reminds me of watered down goon.
- Walk up to a party with that.
- Yeah.
- Sweet, Japanese-style dessert liquer.
- I'm into that.
- I'm down with that.
That's port-y.
- It is port-y.
(muffled laughing)
- Yum!
- Mm. - Mm!
- Mmm.
- Delightful! - Yeah!
- Just a taste like medicine,
minus the cherry
and minus the antibiotics.
- It's fruity, it's sweet.
- Same. (laughs)
- When you have a nice steak
or a big meal,
that's the last thing you have.
- This is plum wine.
This is a huge (bleep) plum, innit?
- Mm.
- So there's a testicle in there.
- Aaah!
- That is super sweet.
- A little bit like children's cough medicine.
- It's like cordial,
like straight up cordial.
- Yeah, it's like cordial.
- It's not your mother's shandy, is it?
- Ooh, it really,
that has soaked up a lot of liquor.
- I would not eat this again or drink that again.
That was not good.
- I feel like the Japanese,
they know what they're doing,
like they don't mess around.
If they're gonna make something sweet,
it's sweet as hell.
If it's gonna be alcoholic,
it's gonna slay demons.
- I could get heaps drunk in Japan.
- You're doing something right, Japan.
Keep it going.
(clicks tongue)
- All I wanna know is where are we gonna do karaoke?
- We've really plum-ed the depths of Japanese booze.
- That joke really sake-d.
- Hey, whose cider you on?
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Australians Try Japanese Alcohol

71 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 13, 2019
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