B1 Intermediate US 33 Folder Collection
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(light guitar music)
- James, James!
As soon as I heard you needed me,
I dropped everything!
Well, almost everything.
So, what's the problem?
I'm here for you, buddy.
- Telly, I've lost something very special to me,
and I think you're the only one who will understand.
- Oh no, what did you lose?!
- Well, I can't really talk about it.
But I can sing about it. - Oh.
(light strumming music)
♪ This shape was brilliant ♪
♪ This shape was brilliant ♪
♪ This shape was pure ♪
♪ I saw three angles ♪
♪ Of that I'm sure ♪
♪ And I saw three pointy corners ♪
♪ And then I saw three straight sides ♪
♪ The top was very narrow ♪
♪ And the base was oh so wide ♪
- Wait, that sounds like--
♪ A triangle ♪
♪ My triangle ♪
♪ Oh triangle it's true ♪
♪ I saw your shape ♪
♪ In a crowded place ♪
♪ Now I don't know what to do ♪
♪ 'Cause you're gone and I'm so blue ♪
(fingers snapping)
♪ I searched low and high ♪
♪ Over all that sky ♪
♪ But I can't find you triangle ♪
♪ Tell me why ♪
♪ And I miss your base ♪
♪ And I miss your height ♪
♪ And my dreams are triangular ♪
♪ Every night ♪
♪ My triangle ♪
♪ My triangle ♪
♪ So beautiful it's true ♪
♪ It must be those angles ♪
♪ Put a smile on your face ♪
♪ Not to mention the hypotenuse ♪
♪ But I need to know the truth ♪
♪ Oh triangle where are you ♪
- Do you think you can help me, Telly?
- Well, of course I can help you!
Finding triangles is my specialty!
In fact, there it is now!
- Oh, my triangle! - Yeah!
(squeaking) (groans)
Like I always say,
show me a Euclidean love story,
and I'll show you a happy ending.
Now, if I could just remember
what Euclidean means.
(light strumming music)
♪ And my dreams are triangular ♪
♪ Every night ♪
♪ My triangle ♪
♪ My triangle ♪
♪ So beautiful it's true ♪
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Sesame Street: My Triangle with James Blunt (You're Beautiful Parody)

33 Folder Collection
A Tin Chang published on November 13, 2019
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