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let's stretch my mind
stretching my cerebral cortex right now my left my left brain it's a little bit
more stiff than my right brain because I'm naturally just more like right brain dominant
actually I don't think I need to start stretch the amygdala it's
overactive. "How did sculpting your body bring up the mental aesthetics"?
PLATO. At that time when I took my first philosophy class I was
still really into just the physique and power in athletics and the body
but I took a philosophy class because I need to fulfill my credit so I just
picked philosophy. It's the best intro to philosophy class ever because it's an
ancient Greek an Rome philosophy and and the main character the main person
that was being studied was Plato and then Plato the the reason why they called him "Plato"
back in ancient Greece is because he has broad shoulders he was athletic he was
a good wrestler and this Plato means broad shoulders and the fact that
back then in the days of Ancient Greek they're very non dual It's not like you have the body and the mind
Plato, Socrates, all those people they
would go to like the wrestling room and they would lift weights and do gymnastics
talk about philosophy during their training because they realize that
there's no separation between mental and physical aesthetics. The soldiers and warriors back in Greece
they were actually trained in music they
took music and dance classes because it helped with their kinetic intelligence
to apply to battle fields
if you look at music music is completely "physical"
00:03:39,690 --> 00:03:43,520 like the way that you play violin and piano really fast
your neurons firing really fast very punctual and that
the contraction and expansion of you know that loudness the softness of the
music and and the different notes and film too, film is very kinetic
I think the imagination is one of the most important but overlooked factors in
athleticism the ability to visualize motor skills clearly and distinctly the
mind is essential for the mind-muscle or body-world connection required in
athletic events I think some of the most explosive and gifted athletes are
right brained dominant if you believe in the left right brain the dichotomy so the
right brain dominant people are the creative types who can hold clear images
to the minds of what they wish to become and accomplish. See when you visualize
yourself playing basketball or lift weights or sprint what you're
essentially doing is creating an avatar of yourself to be exported into real
life or onto the court see the better you are at engineering or generating and
manipulating the program of your hologram internally the more efficient
your meat suit who will move externally see from the non-dual perspective when the
line or duality between mind/body/self and others and the world is erased there
is no difference between the avatar in the athletes mind and the athlete in
real life who is visualizing that avatar and inside a television or in your mind
when you're perceiving that image see the whole universe is just an avatar within
avatars where the parts contained whole and vice versa in the sense were already
born into VR our everyday conscious experience is nothing more than a mental
construct representation and we become so identified with the protagonist or
the main character which again is just an avatar that we forgot we're
actually the screen and I think the world is waking up to
itself as the difference between the virtual and the real is now almost
indistinguishable from the neurobiological and the human dimension
athletes practice movements over and over again mentally the neurons are
already firing and priming and synchronizing to the physical muscular
patterns of their bodies see there's a little difference to me between creating
a sculpture or creating a painting or performing a vertical jump or a
scrapyard Australia psychologist Alan Richardson made a little experiment he
took a group of athletes basketball players to be exactly divided them up
into three groups and tested each player's ability to make free throws the
first group who practiced 20 minutes every day the second group only visualized
themselves making free throws but no real practice was allowed the third one
would not practice or visualize the results were astonishing there were
significant improvements on the group that only visualized there were almost
as good as the guys who actually practiced. The same experiment was
conducted for piano players. See some of the most explosive athletes tend to
display explosiveness also in an emotion and temper you would literally have the
guys stillness that's right meditating that's
right turns out that the best way to get into flow state is to get into this
state of non-duality. See I got into lifting ten years ago because I wanted
to jump higher and run faster ten years later things come full circle as
consciousness work it's almost exactly the same in terms of programming and
mindset as plyometrics, vertical jump strength, and explosive training but the
last portion of this video I'm going to show you a new meditation technique that
I picked up called speed meditation or mental plyometrics. When I first started
lifting weights the only thing I care about was speed and quickness
I just wanted to be fast since I was a kid I was just obsessed with big cats especially
the cheetah and I just wanted to be really fast then I realized as I got
older I started to observe sprinters I realized I couldn't really be a
cheetah I just wanted to be the fastest like
organism in the world and I realized I was a human so then I started to
observe and inquiry and do research on sprinters and I was like
whoa so they'll have really like incredible and strong physique and
really little body fat a lot of muscles especially the deltoids because when you
sprint the deltoids are one of the most important muscles group
along with your posterior chain your glutes and hamstrings because I realized form
and function are the same thing so you don't want to be fast like the sprinters
will run like a sub 10 100 minutes - I have to at least look like them so I
just kept eating and keep eating I went from 120 pounds 160 pounds because all
the sprinters are around hundred sixty pounds so I started
lifting because I want to be fast I only care about speed you could say I only
care about the body but at the same time speed is the intrinsic quality of the body
almost like the mind, not really physical...
speed is like the creativity or the intelligence and the
body's is like the brain and I was always more interested in the software
But then I realized the soft and hardware are one and the same thing.
00:09:36,949 --> 00:09:44,639 so despite what people think meditation is all about speed and quickness you
know when people think of meditation they think of being calm and being slow
and you're just kind of like lost in this trance but from my experience
meditation it's all about agility of the mind how fast can you catch sensations
or thots. See in the beginning when you start practicing you can only catch
maybe one thought every 10 seconds and when I talk about thoughts and
sensations they are the same thing thoughts, feelings, body sensations, emotions, the
voice in your head all those are just sensations arising and passing and see
meditation is like a video game where or an athletic event or a playing ping-pong
you're smashing sensations with your awareness sort of like one of those
arcade games where the chipmunk comes out and then you use hammer and
really hard
So at first you can catch like maybe one sensation every
five to ten seconds but then just the fact that I'm sitting here there are
literally hundreds of sensations passing through my awareness right now
but I'm not conscious of it but eventually you want to you know become
more athletic and quicker with your mind and you want to be able to catch five
ten fifteen sensations a second until your mind becomes the speed of light and
then everything freezes and you have a Satori coming out of your angus so you
feel the screen of your consciousness moving from, or flips inside out from
behind your eyes to congeal itself into a whole field 360-degree field a
paranormal vision of awareness a flux of awareness kind of like my 360-degree
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WHY I STARTED LIFTING (Visualization and Speed Meditation Techniques)

120 Folder Collection
黃崇竣 published on November 13, 2019
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