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I would go for...
Right: RM Left: Choose wisely!
Right: Yeah, I think so Left: They got crazy fans
I know I know I know
They're gonna f***ing kill you!
I think this one
Yeah he's cute, like...
...he's cute!
Yeah, cute!
Cute, cute, cute!
Yeah, cute!
Three two one, what's going on everybody?
It's Xiaoma!
Back with the Xiaomanyc international...
Food and culture show!
I'm really excited today!
We got a good video for all you guys
Yo, somebody on Instagram
Specifically Glenda Mae Villaneuva, wanted me to give her a shoutout
Asked know what Xiaoma?
Can you do a video about K-pop?
And specifically
Can you do a video about...
The amazing band called...
And you know what I said?
I said...
Absolutely yes, we can do that
Because you know why?
First of all
BTS has amazing music!
Second of all
BTS is...
This is one of the most popular bands in the world right now
It's a Korean band
And you know in the U.S. right now they're getting more and more popular
The thing is though, a lot of people...
Still haven't really heard of them
Or don't really know who they are
And may never have actually seen them before
On this channel we do a lot of celebrity videos
You know, we ask people to sort of like...
React to celebrities that they're never seen before
And say who they think is beautiful or attractive
And kind of try to compare beauty standards
So what we have today guys, is...
We got the beautiful BTS members
We got RM
We got Jin
We got J-Hope
We got Suga
We got Jimin
We got V
And we got...
Last but not least...
Jungkook, that's right!
So what we're gonna do today, is we are gonna go and ask people...
Who may have never seen or heard of BTS before
And ask them to say
Who they think is the cutest or the most handsome
And you know, we're not trying to say one is any cuter or more beautiful than the other
I just think it's kind of an interesting thing to see
Who Americans here and random strangers
In New York City's Times Square
What they would think about these...
BTS pop stars!
If you guys like this K-pop video...
You can... the channel
And let me know some suggestions
For other K-pop videos you guys would like to see
And also!
On this video there are captions
In Chinese, Korean, [Indonesian] and English
So if you speak any of those languages and want to watch the video with captions
Make sure you click on the CC button
And in the app it's over here in the [upper-right] corner
With that said, let's go find some people
To react to...
The BTS celebrities
3, 2, 1, go!
These are...
Do you recognize these people?
Any of them?
You don't?
So, do you know who they are...?
I don't know them but I've seen them before
We're trying to see who people here
Who they think is the cutest or the most...
If you had to pick one!
Probably this one, I don't know...
Xiaoma: Why? Girls: Umm...
He look different, he kinda look different
I think, I think...
The Jin!
You think Jin?
You like Jin?
Because he like...
He just look nice, I don't know!
Probably Jin too...
You think Jin?
No, I like V!
Have you guys seen any of these stars before?
All of them to be honest!
I think all of them!
They are from one boys band or different boys bands?
They're from one boys band
Do you know the name of that boys band?
Uh, it's three letters something...
I don't remember exactly
It's BTS!
I would go for...
Right: RM Left: Choose wisely!
Right: Yeah, I think so Left: They got crazy fans
I know I know I know
They're gonna f***ing kill you!
I'm into blondes
Even if they're dyed that's okay
And umm...
I know that he speaks English a bit, so that's it!
Wow, cool, awesome
I think
The one that looks...
Which one is it?
You haven't seen them move probably, so...
I mean, they all know how to dance...
Very good dancers
Which one?
I think this one
Yeah he's cute, like...
...he's cute!
Yeah, cute!
Cute, cute, cute!
Yeah, cute!
Well basically we're asking people if they know
Who these people are
No, I have never seen them
Never seen them? Okay
So they're members of a band called BTS
Have you heard of BTS before?
No? Okay
We're trying to see who people here
Would pick as the cutest or the most handsome
And why
[Speaking Spanish]
Maybe him?
Uh, yes
[Speaking Spanish]
His black hair, maybe?
Black hair? Okay
And then for Jungkook?
Maybe because...
His face looks...
Right: ...more round Left: I like his smile!
Yes, [more] than the other ones
They're BTS!
Yes, BTS!
Xiaoma: So you know BTS? Girls: Yes
Do you guys listen to BTS music?
No, I don't
Kinda, some songs, not really
Okay, the cutest?
I would pick...
Jin, yes
Girl: Yeah Xiaoma: Why?
I don't know, he's just...
He's the cutest!
Yes, out of all!
We're asking if people know these...
Yes, I work for Dior and we dressed them for their concert!
And I work for Billboard and they all came to our office and did a takeover!
So I think...
Jin is the most handsome
I think it's because
He looks the most feminine almost
He has a nice jaw structure
His lips are full
I would have to say Jin too
And I'm not entirely sure why
Because he's handsome too, RM
RM? Yeah
He's handsome too
There's a bunch of them
He has such a great personality...
Yeah, for sure
Jimin is like the character...
I love his style
Yeah, exactly, yeah
But I think Jin got the looks!
Have you seen any of these people before?
Do you know...
Which band, or...
I thought they were called "K-pop"
No no, K-pop is just Korean pop
But they're from one particular band
Don't [tell me], umm...
Three letters
BTS, I knew it, yeah!
We're trying to see who people here today
According to their own beauty standards
Would think is the most handsome, or attractive, or cutest, and why
The cutest one would be...
V, yeah!
Them other ones, they look a little bit too much like girly!
You think V is more manly?
He's more manly
Do you know who these are...?
No I don't
Xiaoma: Do you know? Girl: Yeah, that's...K-pop!
Oh, I've heard of them!
Well, do you know what kind of K-pop...?
What band?
Guy: K-pop, is that not the name...? Girl: It's like BT, or...B...
BTS, yes!
What we want to do is see who people here
Would think is the cutest or the most handsome...
Oh my goodness
Probably V
I don't know, he has the most attractive face
Jimin or Jungkook
Are the prettiest ones
We're trying to see if people know who these people are
Do you know who they are?
Have you heard of BTS before?
Yeah, they had that song that we listened to a while ago, right?
I forget what it was called though
If there's one that stands out to you as particularly attractive
I don't know, he just looks cute!
I'd go with...
That one!
Xiaoma: Jungkook! Girl: Yeah
He has a nice smile, you know?
Woman: I don't know who they are Girl: That's BTS!
Him, the most natural looking!
Okay, okay!
Normal color hair!
They're B2...
Yes, yes!
Most handsome?
The smile!
Because of the smile?
The smile
Everyone else is scared to smile in their pictures
My nigga's killing it though!
Uh, probably him!
I mean look at the hair!
Like look at the hair...
The earring, you know?
He's got that style?
I've seen them in Twitter
The images, but I don't know exactly...
What they do...
Are they singers?
I would probably choose this one
Because of the hair color
It's different
It's kind of different from all of them
You like that
And facially, probably...
A little bit cuter
His jawline...
And do you have a...
No comment!
No comment?
Which one would you pick?
I just like...
His skin...
It looks soft!
I know who they are, TBS!
Uh, BTS!
Oh BTS, I messed up!
So we're trying to see...
Who they would pick as the most handsome of them and why
I guess this one, Jin?
Xiaoma: Jin? Why? Woman: What you think?
I'd say this one!
You think RM? Why?
I don't really know, he just has white hair and I like it!
White hair, cool!
I don't know, pink hair?
Pink hair, yeah!
That's handsome?!
He's got the style, you know?
He's got the earrings, he's got the pink hair, yeah!
But, not as handsome...!
So basically we're trying to see if people know who these people are...
K-pop people...
Front: Are some of them from the TFBoys [Chinese boy band]? Back: No, they're K-pop!
Girl: They're K-pop stars! Xiaoma: They are K-pop stars, yes
Do you know which band, or bands...?
S**t, what's that one called?
Is it the real famous one?
It is the real famous one!
It's the big one!
Yeah, oh my god!
Okay, yeah
Let's see
Maybe like...
I pick him as the most handsome!
You think Jungkook?
And why?
Well I don't know, the other ones look kind of creepy...
Okay, okay...
I say Jin!
Umm, because of his full lips
And his nice thick hair
I like him
Full lips!
He's got a cute dimple, I don't know
He's cute
I was thinking that too!
So why do you go for Jimin?
He has nice lips too!
Suga, because he's got a cool name!
Or Jin
He looks like he's having a good time
Is this a group, is this like a boy band?
Yes, it is
Asian version of New Kids on the Block
They were on a show...
The Voice? No?
They've been on many shows
Yeah, but they're called BTS
That one looks like eighth grade...
Seventh grade...
Senior year
Getting out of high school!
Xiaoma: Is there one that stands out...? Woman: They're equally...
He looks like Justin Bieber
He looks like
One of the Jonas Brothers
I like the dimple
If that's a real dimple
That is a real dimple
I like the dimple!
I don't know, he's beautiful!
I like this one!
Yeah, he's definitely...
I don't know, he just looks...
I like his jawline!
Yes, yes
This is the most handsome!
Because he's the most...
Masculine? I don't know
Masculine, yeah
Never seen them?
So they're from a band called BTS...
And we're trying to see who people here would pick as the most handsome...
I'm a dude, right?
I'm a dude right? So umm...
But you could still think one is handsome
Nah I can't
I mean...
I feel who will pull the most girls
Yeah, exactly
Xiaoma: Yeah, exactly, who do you think would attract the most girls? Guy: My guy right here!
My guy right here!
Xiaoma: Jungkook? Guy: I said that too!
No, actually no, I'm lying
Pull the most girls? Him right here
You think Jin?
It's between [Jimin] and...
And [Jin]
What do you think girls would like about them?
I say the hooks [earrings] on my guy [Jungkook]
[Jimin's] hair, his perfect hair!
Jin has the most swag!
The most swag?
Jin! I mean his name is Jin! The most swag!
Jin, you're right!
That's true!
Do you know who these are?
The most handsome?
Yeah, handsome, or cutest
Girl and men? Or...
No, they're all men
Ah, okay
[Spanish] Sorry
Is this!
[Spanish] Yes!
And Jimin!
You think Jin and Jimin?
Jin and Jimin!
You too?
And why?
The eyes
And, the color...
Oooh, you like the pink hair?
[It's] different
From the others
What a day
I mean...
Who do you think is the...
Who do you think is the cutest, John?
Alright guys, anyway!
Leave a comment about future K-pop videos
And we'll see you next time!
Bye bye!
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Asking NYC Strangers to Pick the Most Handsome BTS Member?!

142 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on November 13, 2019
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