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  • You've studied hard and done your best in your examsbut now they're over,

  • What do you do next? The next step is an important one.

  • Here are our top tips to guide you through the post-exam period.

  • Firstly, don't overthink your exams too much. They've finished, and it's time to move on.

  • If you have passed your examswell doneyou now have a qualification to prove your skills

  • But if you haven't, all is not lost: think about what you've already learned.

  • Whatever your results, take a breakchill out!

  • You've worked hard and deserve to give yourself a treat.

  • Throw a party, go on holiday, stay in bed all daygive your brain a rest before you have to start thinking about your next options.

  • Then next, if you have been successful, put your qualification to good use.

  • Maybe use it as part of an application for university or a new job.

  • Alternatively, you could think about studying English to a higher level and getting a further qualification.

  • This might mean taking another exam though!

  • If you didn't pass your exams, don't panic! it's not the end of the world.

  • You could retake them - just think about the areas you need to improve on and focus on these.

  • Maybe your teacher could give you some feedback.

  • But if a qualification isn't so important to you, just think about all the language you've learned, and not just these skills, but the study techniques you've picked up along the way.

  • These are transferable skills!

  • Whatever your pass mark, go and use what you've learned.

  • You need to continue using English so you don't forget it.

  • Keep speaking and writing English and continue to improve, and use it to make new friends.

  • But don't forget the friends you've made on your course too and the fun you've had.

  • Good luck!

You've studied hard and done your best in your examsbut now they're over,

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