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When you compare it to this again $99 fuego $99 SLX, look at this look at the size difference look how much smaller
The new Shimano is now for the big reveal. Oh
You know what guys I'm sorry, I apologize this is metallic blue
cast King
Listens metallic blue
Think these bushings have tighter tones tolerances then the concept Z
it really does look that way and
Trust me yet. I have so much close-up footage of the bushings on those constant is ease
Yeah, this is much tighter tolerance
which probably is why I'll check I want to get it back together, but
I don't think there is any handling that get rock
So yeah guys this is this isn't this is looking good
I I like what I see a lot of times people think that dye wash Shimano high-end they make the good stuff
But they just phone it in for the cheap stuff
Five years ago, I would agree with it to be perfectly honest with you. They you know, they just basically
Said alright lose go ahead. Take over. You got us more now. You're gonna try
Gentlemen ladies in any one in between I welcome you all and today I will be unboxing
Tearing down and doing our customary overview of a brand spanking new
Wallet-friendly baitcaster from Shimano the brand new SLX now before we get started
I just want to say thank you very much to Josh over at J niche tackle who submitted this real I?
Knew what was coming down the pipe
I asked him yesterday if he could send one over and boom priority one day mail
I came at Saturday next day, and we're now going to crack this a box open and
Not metallic blue
That's a cast in goof if you guys did it see
All right, so did I miss the slot?
There we go
Very well hacked and no that's not metallic blue either
Hashtag cast King royal legend Elite. All right, so we have tape seal still there
Guys I'm curious just let you know my expectations of this reel are
Insert your favorite model of green Corrado here. This is what I hope Shimano is coming out with at $99
I know there's some controversy over what Corrado or what Green Corrado was the world's favorite, but
It's a nice little
No X shape, which
Tells me that it's a similar design to what you would find in the old Corrado
I think the new tranqs is don't have extra either which is that dual pinion supportive bearing and we have the
Mystery oil looks a little yellow or than normal. Maybe even a little thinner. I don't know you tell me
And that's pretty much it. So you have the
schematics and
We're not even look at this stuff
There's never anything useful
Shimano literature
It's bubble-wrapped. Oh
Wow, she's tiny
Wow, okay, okay
Very very slim I wasn't expecting it to be this compact
I just want to set the
Tension knob to where I prefer it
Yeah, it has that nice high pitch were
That a lot of the the higher inch models have out of the box
Big cushy knobs like you would find in a crowd. Okay and look
Listen okay. So there's a little bit of consistency issue and a $99. Yeah
But it's still okay. You have the knob that has a little tiny bit of play here
No lean at all and this one's nothing
Like you would find on a $600 reel, I guess no play at all. No in and out
So what will give this part of the reel will give this an 8 out of 10
I don't like giving number ratings, but I'm just trying to give you guys an idea
How it stacks up. It's it's almost on the level of what you have on a Matane iam, DC and a terrace
Where it's almost perfect, so, you know, it's not focused on that too all too long
and it has your little
You know retaining
spring here and as bars, I don't lose your side plates because that's apparently an issue and you have
break design
So I was expecting to see that
VBS break from yesteryear, we just had the pins like on the tranqs 500 to tranqs 300 400 the old Corrado's but it actually
Has a static centrifugal brake found in a Corrado
Very interesting with what are the six pins. So you have tons of range. That's
That's pretty cool. I you know again, I'm not the biggest Shimano baitcaster guy. I love their spinning reels
So I don't have any experience with a 6 : pins
SVS infinity static break
That's decent free spool out of the box that's that's actually really good free spool and
We're gonna go ahead and clip the mic
To the reel just to give you an idea how it feels on my hand
and again I use this method on another video and
I think I only continue to do it and I'm willing to bet doesn't be a lot of guys out there
They're gonna start doing this because it really is an effective way of doing it
Now you guys heard that cast King Royal legend
That's I can't hear the thing just so you guys know
You know what, let me go ahead and cook them like here
Well, this doesn't make you go deaf. I
Tell them like down a little bit because again, I can't tell what it sounds like. It's like I got in the video editor
Okay, I
Mean they're very smooth
like butter, they don't spin forever and it again ball bearings and handle knobs aren't needed unless
They're there to make up for the side-to-side
Sometimes when you have bushings and handle knobs, you can't get the shimming right without locking up and binding
These are are really nice
Like you're like, I mean you have a 500 all out reeling you're turning the handle
You know, I guess this reel is now $500 us
Now I really can't you know, they spend like this. What do you do? I
I can't tell the difference between these two reels and the handle knobs
Sorry if you guys were upset about that, so
This is an interesting reel. This is the first time that I've
Liked the fit finish and feel of a $99 mount a baitcaster
This is this is new. Well, how much were the old Corrado's the green ones? They were nice. They weren't my favorites, but
I'm digging it. So when you have something like this, which is the $99 Fuego
All Things Considered
When you compare it to this again $99 Fuego $99 s LX look at this look at the size difference look how much smaller
The new Shimano is from front to back
It's probably I'd say six millimeters shorter from the chin to the back
It's much
Slimmer, it's it's probably on along the lines of those
those new
OEM looking dial reels the CGA T and then whatever they are
Very compact. I mean we're talking very here. Here's a oldie but goodie. Here's a a
Beaten to crap a boo mg X it's almost the size of this
Which is a tiny little real
Not quite as small as the current mg X's but it sits down there. I
Like it. I like the fit and finish of this real. I can't wait to see how this thing fishes
This is a really nice really guys again out of the box. Is it a turret? I can't tell it just feels good
I mean in hand I like everything about it. And this is what separates the the men from the boys
When you look at the distance between the outer
flange of the spool and that level wind that's kind of what made to Fuego CT one of my favorite reels for the price and
It really looks like the Shimano is right up there as far as distance
It's pushed way out much further than what you get out of the Bantam MGL and the further out you move that level wined
Essentially it acts and responds
Like a non level wind reel. So if you guys are on the beach surf casting you want maximum difference a difference distance
You don't want to level one because this here this little eyelet here
Will impede the line the flow of the line coming off the reel because as it switches directions, it's got to go here
It's got to go here and hit that little wine
Nice nice
can't find anything wrong with that and
Looking here. It's black. I'm willing to bet that it's a plastic worm gear. Which guys who have the crowd?
Okay's you break your worm gears yet. I bet you didn't
Let's get it wait
We go from ounces I
Think on the package they say 6.8. I think that's what it is. That's that's pretty sweet again 99 bucks
Okay, we're looking half ounce oh yeah half ounce roughly
That's pretty sweet I'll get our spool wait
For you finesse guys out there, okay
Matt knows where makes me look stupid
15 with no bearing. Okay. That's a pretty big break. Yeah. What going on there?
Give me a moment to get this side plane off
And again, this has been my pick for the best nun you $9 this is a brand new rail just got in the mail
I had one made about I don't 2000 casts worth
That's how much time I put on it and it was a great reel and I figured you know, what?
since I keep on wrecking
Recommending it
I got at least have one and
I think it was one my camera broke and I had to send it out to Sony that I couldn't really do anything with it
So I just figured I'd sell it off so
17.1 three
Verses 15 and a half so slight difference
and again
They're very similar design as far as you have that that long shaft that runs the entire width of the reel
It's not like you'll find on some of the free fleet fat free-floating designs in Abu
It's not like a free-floating design that you'll find and some of the higher-end iowa's
so there's a little bit of extra mass that it's got to get going but
It's inward. So it's a little bit easier to get it going. So it's not the end of the world
It all comes down to the break now as far as how it's gonna handle finesse lures any guy
Are you guys buying this real for finesse? So you just guys trying to get a a
good, uh
stack of reels on your boat deck
Suite all right, so enough jibber jabbering, let's go ahead
And see what's up her skirt, is it appropriate to say
Edit that out. That's enough. Jibber-jabber and let's get inside
I'm curious
That was a 10 mill it seemed a little looser than normal interesting I
Love these caps here. I really do
I I despise what Dyer uses on some of the reels because if you look actually no this one's not bad. Sorry
This one's good. But on some of the higher end ones that just have that silly little
Aluminum a little ring
no, you're gonna scratch these things no matter what wrench you use whether the
Fancy aluminum ones you get off a hedgehog or what? Alright, so we have the click plate here, which
Runs along in here. I love this design very similar
To the orange band in the Orange Crush the concept Z only it's improved it really is
We cover that in the Bantam MGL review
And since we're trying to focus on way too many things at once
Can see what makes up this so just make sure you're careful
That's just fill down that little ledge there didn't go anywhere
But there's a little a little detent that runs in that spring a little plunger that goes in there
great design, I
Like it much better
Than the older Matane iam DC to be honest when it comes to servicing, this is a Bosch of Stella with Matane iam
I've wait too many fishing with first world problems
So they're gonna have to pay pop that spool that again
By I didn't
I'm good. See it's a plastic side plate. It definitely felt like plastic side plate. So it's expected
For you guys that work on your own wheels for the first time
As you like holding the reel and whatever orientation the screws come out just so I know where they go
So that's the back. That's the front you can see two different sizes
And a little context could let you know if what screws go into metal what screws goes into plastic you see these coarse threads
Coarse threads are gonna be going into the plastic. The finer ones always go into metal just a little thing
You hear that crack
That's a broken fishing reel right there. That's just locked. I usually
That is this
Breaking are loose
Sometimes when you have screws going into a plastic body it compresses a little bit almost acts like a lock
And you can tell what is what
You have your course versus fine screws
I think that was it now for the big reveal. Oh
You know what guys I'm sorry, I apologize this is metallic blue
cast King
This has been telic blue
That's funny I
was playing around with some
Pre-release shimano surf rods a couple years ago and this color was all over them
It's a pretty large main gear
Oh, wow, I
Didn't see this in the schematic
Sorry about that guys, I was flat-out dead wrong
Laura is the next ship ball bearing
No, well, that's what they call Direction ball bang now this pinion here it has a little
Hook that comes out you can see that there I
If that gets supported in here
And that ball bearing there
Hmm, I don't know guys, I don't know
Be nice if again, I'm not doesn't know doesn't I don't want to speak too soon. No, okay can't one walk
Well, I would love to have seen that this is one of those things that I've been doing it for 30 years of that
And here just to give you an idea or a little late on this I should have done this earlier but
That's that I like this
Compared to the cast King. It seems like it has more travel. I like that that's personal preference
but it it feels
Like when you get down to bat like this part
you kind of feel like it's kind of loading up and then
nice and chunky
Feels great thumb thumb bars by Shimano are really good. I
haven't really found too many that I don't like and as I say that
We jumped a shark
This just came out was a definite hole in it in place. It needs this side plate
As much as I like dial with some bars, I like to feel this better I do
You guys know me. I'm on the dial with VIP forum list that kind of deal. I get all stuff dirt cheap
I don't owe him anything ever, but you know
It's a nice little bonus when I just want to buy a bunch and Iowa stuff if you have stuff that I'm interested in
So I'm not beholden to any brand whether it's Shimano
I'm here for you guys in the tackle shops help you guys, you know keep them in business
But man, this has a better thumb bar filled in the dialogue side by side. It does I
kind of like the
The knobs on the dial a little bit better. I really do
I don't care that they spin like this either and doesn't make any difference to me
So, yeah guys this is this isn't this is looking good
I I like what I see a lot of times people think that dye wash Shimano high-end they make the good stuff
But they just phone it in for the cheap stuff
Five years ago, I would create it to be perfectly honest with you
They you know, they just basically said all right lose go ahead. Take over. You got us. We're gonna try and
Like what I see here me personally I'm a I'm a bigger fan of
Externally adjustable brakes
So for me
It's again. It's preference. You know when I'm out on the water
constantly casting
When I switch lures I use I often use clips so I can switch a lure in 10 seconds and cast again and often times
When I try to carry as few setups as possible
I need to adjust that break on-the-fly make it as easy as possible
if you guys have 6 setups across your boat tech that really doesn't matter because you have kind of a
specific setup for a lure now while I have
250 rods and God knows how many reels you know, I do have specific things for specific setups. I
Still do kind of like that
external adjustability
But I know you guys out there
love those Corrado's I was ad Iowa guy when that Corrado was really taken off when the cars were was popular but
For that reason, you know TDX tds tdz
that's what I was fishing when the Corrado ease and DS and one of the green ones were and
I fished him. I liked him
But I just like having the ability to just on the fly without having to pop a side plate open
But you guys out there that we're fishing and crotteaus that's already in your wheelhouse. You don't care about that whatsoever
Now this is gonna be where it gets interesting. What do we have down here? Okay, this is a
material of
Unknown something or other it feels like d'Artagnan but it's greased. It's not d'Artagnan
I don't think I remember seeing that in the description. And the last thing you want to do with Artyom is grease it
You have a felt drag washer
For you guys out there that prefer carbon fiber I'm sure it's being that it's a single washer
Another like six bucks from carbon Texican order one
Let me see if I can't get a measurement real quick because sometimes the new reels don't come out right away
Um, wherever you buy carbon tax washers from
My uber accurate Chinese yum calipers
35.7 five millimeters is what we'll go with you can go tiny bit smaller because derpy derp
Thirty-five point O 3 is the measurement so anything between 35 and 3/4 + 35 + O 3 and the bottom one
you have to be careful can't go too big because you don't want the
disc to go outside of that the cog
2020 3.1. Oh
Yeah, so twenty three point one, oh and whatever that other number was that every forgot
And soon as we got the call of calibers outs, uh undo this because we have them out forty point three
That's pretty badass I don't know is it you tell me
Okay, so as far as spool volume something I'll forget the measurements within thirty seconds
Fifteen point nine
You mathematicians. I'd like to calculate spool capacity be like this number here sixteen point one six
And it has a little V taper not quite as V taper it as the old school Abu
sixty five hundreds and such
That goes down a little bit
So we'll go with let's go with this here sixteen point one three final answer and then
Thirty 1.71
All right 20 1.56 with
One hunter
Yeah hunter to the outer stud here
I'm the outer stud over here
105 on the grips
Big grips big NAB's
No, they're little water think
105 millimeters from I don't up
So it's a little bit longer, which is cool
a lot of when it comes to
Gear ratios and handles the higher you go up in gear ratio to get some of that torque back
you got to go longer and handle and
Me personally, I it's not a big deal for me for fresh water. I don't need
7.3. I don't need six point. I don't need eight point. Whatever
prefer lower gear ratios
I found him a better fisherman since I can kind of speed up easier than it is for me to tell my brain to slow
So yeah, guys you tell me actually
No one's something further cuz I think there's four ball bearings in this reel. So we know where one is here. We know there's
Here opposite the handle that's for the spool and
I'm assuming there's a bearing under here
Although I wouldn't care either way if it was a bushing this location here a bushing is perfectly fine
Bushing actually thought it was meat apparently honest
So we have bearing which rides this side of the spool just cool that's fine
two three
Don't know where they look well various
I'm probably have to edit this out because it's just three ball bearings. I'm just stupid but
That's a pretty precise bushing - I
Think these bushings have tighter tolerance tolerances then the concept Z
It really does look that way
And trust me again. I have so much close-up footage of the bushings on those concepts YZ
Yeah, this is much tighter tolerance
which probably is why I'll check out when I get it back together, but
I don't think there was any handling that got rock
You kind of like try to go like this with it
There was quite a bit on the concepts e or more than the competition I should say
Um, I am confused now
That's it's deferred to the box
Three plus one that makes sense. I thought there were four. So yeah, there's only three and
Yeah, that about sums it up guys I'm gonna go ahead and put this back together because
Don't nobody any good in a million pieces at this point since he already got a good look at her
So let me know guys what do you guys think is this gonna be
Something we can expect to see from Shimano moving forward a little bit better value for the money
in the lower end I
mean the the
Cheaper Shimano is the $99
Was it the casa de s-- and the scene and I don't know what their prices are off the top my head they could be
$129 I don't know and they're you know a bit plasticky
No, I guess someone I mean a plastic is a bit plasticky
But they don't really impressed me all that much. They had a good I had a decent to them but
With the Fuego CT out there, I
Just felt it was a better real. I just like the way it fished better. I
Just go do the free spool on this that's impressive that free spool was real
That's good
Don't recall though, sir
Sometimes working on reels manages lose track of what sides what to be honest with you
I always try to just do you know organize the screws?
However, they're facing me when I'm working on it and it's just something you just got to remember as your system
but when you're
Trying to speak into a mic and make sure everything's in frame and a lot of times when you start working and moving stuff. It's
You're looking at the viewfinder
Very easy real to get inside mother my very very simple
Quite possibly the easiest real ever to get into basically bake at their Shimano baitcaster eyes. I
Mean one second
It's gonna like some kind of cruel joke
It's gonna tricky when all this
All this lighting makes it like a hundred degrees ins or oh I have my air conditioner going what the rest of the house
Was cool enough
Here we go, this didn't have my tweezers at the ready then it come prepared for class
Yeah, my finger was slipping I thought I was gonna set everything flying
My fingers my finger was slipping off the drag star as I was getting ready
Like I'm actually sweating it's probably 97 degrees right where I'm at
These LEDs are so bright. It looks dim. And that that went in like it was the easiest thing in the world. So
I'm probably gonna fast-forward through all that crap and you're probably what the hell are you talking about?
Knows it ah
My hands are so slippery right now from the oil
Blood sweat and tears went into putting this. I'm not even finish that sentence
What's what in tears on the mountains of Macon isn't real
Nice little real $99. It's it's not bad at all. I was honestly thinking it was going to be a piece
really like my my real world expectations were
Hoping it was going to be like the tried true and tested Corrado's of yesteryear at the Greenies
but I was like
And I'm I don't mind it I like it I wouldn't I would
If I was in a shop, and again, I've never fished this real office. This thing is gonna cast like a
Know someone that doesn't cast well, I don't know if it's gonna break after a bass
I I wouldn't expect it to it has a good design and paintings supported at the exit bearing its budding up against
The backside of the spool bearing here. I guess it looks
It looks like it's got potential to be a very good reel which is something I
was hoping for but wasn't expecting and yeah, I
Dig it I
Like the profile this day, I love that. Everybody's going slim, you know slim reels are just so much more comfortable
It makes casting one-handed fishing
One-handed so much easier and it's just one of those things where it's about time. They're doing it
So you have this guy here, which is is
Been out for a little while. Now. It's now really got some serious competition
Thailand versus Malaysia what? Oh
Man so let me know guys. Let me know let me know. Let me know. What do you guys think? I
Don't I
Just through experience
I know this is gonna be a good one and I got quality control all things aside
You get a dud in the mail. Hehe? Yeah, it sucks. But you know overall
these are really nice reels and for the gentleman the comment section that mentioned just the other day that he had issues with his uh,
handle coming backwards
Let's take a look here
That that kind of rocked backwards, it's just the handle on the the nut and if you look
No, no back play to speak of and we'll tighten up to Jack a little bit
See only when I reel against the drag
It has it's low but heavy handle back clay and if we go like this
See how it kind of plays
With the light you Rach that's comment on on a lot of reels. Let's see if it doesn't here
Let me tighten this up at least
I think this yeah, it's thinking just saw dude to say. Yeah, that's that's to be expected
What basically what that is the handle shaft that runs from underneath this nut all the way down to the base of the frame
Which on this reels of bushing?
Basically has to have a little bit of room in that and reverse clutch sleeve and
That's what that is. That's why when you tighten down the direct
That's what it kind of goes away
because that drag kind of sticks everything together more and it just basically turns based on how much
resistance there is between the clutch sleeve and everything else up here was a
Handle retaining nut or the drag star nut. So yeah, all right
So with all that being said, you know, let me know down below what you guys think
I I think it's a good looking real. I like the profile. I like the
Elongated level wind away from the spool. I do like the knobs. I like the tolerances of the knobs - I mean this
for a
hundred dollars even with this one having a little tiny bit of play is
Better than reels that are twice as expensive two hundred and fifty dollars. I
I dig it guys
The plastic which I assume is plastic drag star might be CI 4 ounce
Nice it's almost like the same thing you have on the aldebran BF s or Matane IAM or something along those lines
Only it's plastic, but it's not that crappy plastic. No, there's no give to it. It's not like that cast King plastic
it really isn't and
It's it looks and feels better. I I don't give two shits about drag star, but when you notice the feel and
How it goes around that compression nut for the drag stack
Versus having some brass piece in the middle that is relied on screwing down a tiny. It's a better design. It's his hands down is
So it's I hope this reel is going to do well I think it will
Looks nice from from here. It's a nice look. Yeah almost looks almost like a bantam. I
Think the Bantam em jails are beautiful looking real
Looks III like what they're doing with the more
Look yeah the tranqs 200 300
400 and you have the Bantam MGL. Yeah this now that has that kind of similar. Look I
dig it
Let's go get some fish on it
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NEW $99 SHIMANO SLX Detailed Inside and out Overview. $99 Tranx 200?

51 Folder Collection
Lu Yanrong published on November 12, 2019
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