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This loud and fast-paced world many introverts find themselves drowned out overwhelmed or stomped on by society
Here are eight reasons to look for an introvert as a life partner
Number one introverts are self-sufficient
The first thing you need to know is that introverts do not need you they do not need relationships
And they don't need others. No they don't need them
They want them so if an introvert chooses you they want you to want someone is so much more powerful than to need them
needing someone means that once that need is met the person is no longer necessary to
Want someone however means that there's a conscious effort to keep that person in your life?
Number two introverts are loyal
Once you're an introvert person you're their person period that's it end of story
They won't play games or flirt with others
They won't cheat on you and won't treat you like you're nothing to them because truthfully you're worth it all to them
number three introverts are great listeners
Introverts know what it's like to be ignored and overlooked so when you talk to them you will have their full attention
For you to want to talk to them whether to know their opinions or not means the world
If they reply they will have given the response a lot of thought they won't take your discussion lightly and you may soon find that
They know much more about you than you do about them
Number four introverts have a talent for empathy because most of their attention resides in their heads
Introverts find themselves able to connect at a deeper level quite easier than most
They can read others easily especially if they know you well and will feel your emotions as if they're their own without having to try
They won't respond with judgment. They'll respond with understanding because they know what it's like to be misunderstood
Number five introverts are authentic in today's world introversion is usually seen as an act of rebellion by others
Introverts know who they are and aren't afraid to fight for it. They won't change to please others in their eyes
It would only be a lie and an insult to you and themselves
Never try to give an introvert what you think they want to hear what they want to hear is the truth?
Number six introverts understand self-love
Introverts tend to spend a lot of time mingling with their own Souls which is why they'll encourage you to do the same
When they see your true self they'll treasure it more thoroughly than anyone before
For they know what it's like to have to learn to love yourselves much less another
Number seven introverts can be really creative
introverts spend so much time in their own heads that they develop their own unique worldviews not all introverts will have the same worldview and
Usually they express them through art music literature or all of the above
They'd rather express themselves creatively and passionately than converse so prepare to be shocked at the things they can do
number eight introverts can be mysterious
This will be the hardest to deal with and falling in love with an introvert
More than likely you will always feel like they know you better than you know them
Introverts tend to keep parts of themselves hidden because emotional vulnerability is one of their greatest enemies
But for some reason you'll probably find this mystery to be alluring
Introverts are quite valuable quite unusual
And they rarely get the chance to shine
Maybe if you look around you'll see one lounging in the background watching quietly with a smile on their face
Don't go up and try to force yourself on them
Just catch their eye across the room smile if they return it and linger on you come on over if they just continued glancing around
Don't worry. It's not personal
They've just got about fifty tabs open in their heads who knows if you put in the time you could become one that's frequently visited
so what do you think be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to like and
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8 Reasons To Love an Introvert

297 Folder Collection
Helena published on November 11, 2019
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