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Hey, hey everybody!
This is EWA App channel, and my name is Diana.
And today I'm gonna share with you 8 amazing phrases for the daily conversation.
Do you wanna speak like native speakers do?
Just keep on watching!
So, the first one on my list is this : "Where were we?"
You know, sometimes you have to interrupt the conversation, because you have your own business in the other room, right?
and to get back on track with your partner you just have to say, "Where were we?"
Now, where were we?
Emm... Where were we?
But, sometimes you have to interrupt something more interesting than conversation.
And in this particular case you can say, "Where were we?"
Now, where were we?
Where were we?
Okay, baby, where were we?
The other phrase I have here in my list is, "You were saying?"
Well, actually it's a polite way to bring the partner back on track.
If he or she was interrupted during the conversation.
And you just say like, "You were saying?"
You were saying?
And you keep on talking.
The next one actually is my personal favorite.
And this is the phrase, "How come?"
How come?
Basically, this is a stopper for non-native speakers.
Because they're getting confused.
Like, "how come?", what does that mean?
What do they say to me?
No worries, honey.
It's okay.
English native speakers often use this phrase just to ask "why?".
So, instead of "why?" they ask you "how come?".
Another phfl... Pff.
Another phrase I have in the list is, "I didn't catch that".
Actually, it's a good one, because you can say it when you miss the part of the sentence.
Or all of it. And you just want your partner to repeat it.
So you say, "I didn't catch that".
Didn't catch that.
Same thing happens with the names.
so you can say, "I didn't catch your name".
I didn't catch your name.
And now I'm gonna share with you the most magical phrase of all times.
Because it's the answer to everything.
To anything, you can possibly hear in your life.
Tada! It's "great"!
Now, let's do this together.
So, in what way we can say that.
The other one on my list is "Oh, ok!".
Actually, it's the easiest way to keep up the conversation.
So, if you don't know what to say, say, "Oh, ok!".
Oh, okay!
But! You can say it with different facial expressions.
You can use this one.
Oh, okay!
Or you can you that one.
Oh, ok...
The next one is "for real?".
This phrase expresses your emotions.
Most of them is surprise, because you can't believe what's going on around you.
And you're just like, "It's so good".
"It's too good to be true".
"I can't believe it".
And you say like, "For real?".
Is this for real? Like, for real, for real?
But well, you know...
Sometimes this looks like a fucking fairy tale.
So you just, you cannot believe it.
And you're getting too skeptical.
And you're just saying like, "For real?".
For real?
For real?
Another one I have on my list is "good for you".
So, this phrase expresses your celebration moment.
Because you celebrate your success, you achieved something.
So, people are saying, "Well done!".
It's good job!
Good for you!
Good for you!
But sometimes, the real meaning behind this phrase is : "Go fuck yourself! Okay?"
Good for you!
Good for you! Good for you!
And that was it.
8 most useful phrases for the daily conversation.
If you want to add something to my list, just comment down below.
If you wanna know more, check our EWA App.
I'll leave the link down below, in the info box.
And thank you! Thank you for watching!
And I'll see you later! Bye!
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265 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on November 11, 2019
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