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  • Actress, NON.

  • "I AM NON" follows her filmmaking process.

  • And here's the experience she won't forget.

  • Do you have any questions?

  • What did she see and what did she think?

  • We'll show you

  • what inspired her to make her film.

  • [A full day at Kyoto University of Art & Design]

  • - There's a cat! - Go ahead. [KUAD]

  • Thank you.

  • Hello! I'm NON.

  • Hello.

  • - Hello. - Hello, everyone.

  • I've always wanted to be an art student

  • and study drawing and painting.

  • So I was happy to be one. [NON becomes an art student for a day.]

  • Here, we're equipped to handle various materials

  • such as metals, plastics, and wood.

  • When students have an idea,

  • they can consult with the technical staff.

  • This is a factory to make your ideas come to life.

  • How exciting!

  • I think having an idea or an image is important.

  • Otherwise I wouldn't think about creating anything.

  • It could be something still unclear for you,

  • or you might think it's a weak idea.

  • But that shouldn't stop you.

  • If you feel something is good, even a little,

  • you should hang on to the thought and start creating. 00:01:51.736 --> 00:01:58.243 line:0% Soak yourself in an unfamiliar environment, culture, or language. 00:01:58.576 --> 00:02:03.498 line:0% Do something you can only do there like communicating 00:02:03.707 --> 00:02:09.337 position:59% line:0% with the locals and transform what you felt into your creative work. 00:02:09.587 --> 00:02:12.590 line:0% That's what we call an "artist-in-residence." 00:02:12.757 --> 00:02:19.180 line:0% I'm gonna ask you to go explore in the woods after this. 00:02:19.431 --> 00:02:24.144 line:0% And I want you to pick up something 00:02:24.352 --> 00:02:28.148 position:56% line:0% you don't see in your everyday life.

  • - Is that a mushroom? - Oh, wow.

  • What is that?

  • I'll take a picture of it.

  • That's something.

  • I don't see anything.

  • - It's syrup. - I wanna eat it.

  • I'll eat it.

  • A tree.

  • A tree flavor.

  • The students were really talented people.

  • It was so exciting to be able to learn with them.

  • I felt tremendous power from everyone.

  • I was so inspired that now I wanna create something.

Actress, NON.

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