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  • In times of old,

  • the world was full of wonder and magic...

  • but times change.

  • I'm a mighty warrior!

  • Morning, Mom!

  • Hey, birthday boy!

  • By the laws of yore,

  • I must dub thee a man today. Kneel before me!

  • That's okay.

  • I have a gift from your dad.

  • He just said to give you this when you were both over 16.

  • No way!

  • It's a wizard staff. Dad was a wizard!

  • What?

  • Your dad was an accountant.

  • This spell brings him back.

  • For one whole day, Dad will be back.

  • What?

  • Back, like back to life?

  • That's not possible.

  • It is with this.

  • I'm gonna meet Dad?

  • Woah, feet!

  • It's getting harder to hold!

  • Ahh! He's just legs!

  • I definitely remember Dad having a top part.

  • Oh, what did I do?

  • Hi.

  • We only have 24 hours

  • to bring the rest of him back.

  • Until then... ta-da!

  • Oh, that's great!

  • Dad, you look just like I remember!

  • Ah!

  • You got a problem, shades?

  • Hit it!

  • If it's adventure you seek...

  •'ve come to the right tavern!

  • Oh no.

  • We might be out of gas.

  • But it says we have a full tank!

  • No, that doesn't work.

  • Growth Spell! We grow the can, and then the gas inside will grow with it.

  • Elbows up!

  • I'm trying to focus here!

  • Focus...

  • Focus...

  • Barley! Ugh, forget it!

  • It worked! The can is huge!

  • And the van is huge, and you'reOh no.

In times of old,

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