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Narrator: Hello. Alice is having
lots adventures in Wonderland.
Now, she's in a courtroom full
of animals. Everybody is waiting
for the trial to start. The Queen and
the King of Hearts have already
arrived and they are sitting on their thrones.
The rest of the room was
filled with birds and animals
and the whole pack of playing-card people.
Alice saw the White Rabbit.
He was holding a trumpet in one hand
and a large piece of paper in the other.
The White Rabbit blew the trumpet.
White Rabbit: Silence in the court!
Narrator: The trial started.
The King was the judge and twelve
animals were the jury.
The King spoke first.
King: Read the accusation!
White Rabbit: The Queen of Hearts,
she made some tarts,
all on a summer day.
The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,
and took them quite away.
King: Knave of Hearts, what do you say?
Knave of Hearts: It wasn't me!
I didn't do it!
King: Silence! Call the first witness!
White Rabbit: Bring in the first witness!
Narrator: The first witness was the Hatter.
He looked very nervous. He came into the court
with a cup of tea in one shaking hand and
a piece of bread and butter in the other.
King: Give your evidence Hatter, and don't
be nervous, or you'll lose your head!
Narrator: The King's words made the
Hatter even more frightened.
He was so confused that
he took a large bite out of his teacup
instead of his bread and butter.
Hatter: I'm a poor man, your Majesty.
King: You are a very poor speaker.
White Rabbit: Poor Hatter.
He didn't use to be mad, you know.
He used to be quite normal.
Alice: And I used to be taller...
Narrator: Alice began to have
a curious feeling. It was a feeling she remembered.
Alice: Ohh.. I'm growing again!
Narrator: No-one noticed that Alice
was getting taller. They were all
watching the Hatter,
who was too frightened to speak.
King: You may go. Call the next witness!
Narrator: The next witness was the cook.
King: Atishoo! Cook, what are tarts made of?
Cook: Atishoo! Pepper, mostly.
Narrator: Everybody started sneezing.
Nobody seemed to notice Alice
growing taller and
taller. By the time they stopped sneezing,
the cook had disappeared.
King: Never mind! Call the next witness!
Narrator: Alice watched as the
White Rabbit studied the piece
of paper, looking for the name of the next
witness. Imagine her surprise when he
straightened up, took a deep breath
and shouted the name of the next witness...
White Rabbit: Alice!
Narrator: Everybody in the courtroom turned
to look at Alice. Alice felt herself grow
a little taller, as she took a deep breath,
and stepped forward.
Next time, I'll tell you
what happened when Alice
gives her evidence and the White Rabbit
reads a letter from the Knave of Hearts.
Curiouser and curiouser...
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Alice in Wonderland part 9: Who stole the tarts?

27 Folder Collection
published on November 9, 2019
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