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Narrator: Hello. Alice has had lots
of adventures in Wonderland.
Now, she has been called as
a witness in the trial of the Knave of Hearts.
The King of Hearts is the judge, but Alice
has grown so tall that her head reaches the
top of the courthouse and all the people
seem very far away.
Alice: How small you all are!
King: The witness must come
to the witness box!
Narrator: Alice jumped up and
knocked over the jury box.
It was full of animals and they all fell out.
Animals: I'm so sorry!
King: What do you know about this business?
Alice: Nothing at all!
Narrator: The King looked in his Book of Rules.
King: Rule forty-two. "All persons more
than a mile high must leave the court."
Alice: I'm not a mile high!
King: Indeed you are not!
You are nearly two miles high!
Alice: Well, I'm not going!
And you can't make me!
Narrator: Alice had grown a little bit more,
and the King, who was now the size of
Alice's shoe, could see she was
right about that part.
His face went very pale and he closed his
Book of Rules.
King: White Rabbit. Ask the jury: what is
their decision about this matter?
Did the Knave steal the Queen's tarts?
Narrator: But there was more evidence.
The White Rabbit gave a letter to the King,
who opened it and turned to the Knave of Hearts.
King: Knave of Hearts, did you write this?
Knave of Hearts: I didn't write it! Look at
the end of it: there is no name written there!
King: Then you are not an honest man!
An honest man always signs his work!
Read the letter!
Narrator: And the White Rabbit read
the letter.
No-one understood a single word of it.
King: That's the most important evidence
we've heard today!
Alice: I don't believe there's any
meaning in it!
King: If there's no meaning in it, then we
don't need to try to find any!
Jury, what is your decision?
Narrator: The Queen stamped her feet.
Queen: No, no, no! Punishment first,
decision afterwards!
Alice: That's nonsense!
The punishment comes last!
Queen: Be quiet!
Alice: I won't!
Queen: Off with her head!
Narrator: No-one moved.
Alice realised she had grown to her full size.
Alice: Who cares about you? All of you!
Narrator: Alice looked down at
the little people all around her.
She suddenly realised...
Alice: You're nothing but a pack of cards!
Narrator: As soon as she said this,
the animals, the birds, the King
and Queen and everyone
else turned into a pack of cards and they
all flew up into the air and came flying down
upon her.
The cards fluttered and flew all
around her head and shoulders and Alice gave
a scream as she tried to beat
them off with her hands...
Alice: Ohhhh!!
Narrator: And then another strange
thing happened to Alice...
She found herself back on the
riverbank where our story began.
She opened her eyes and saw
her sister smiling at her.
Alice's sister: Wake up, Alice dear!
What a long sleep you've had!
Narrator: Alice's sister gently
brushed away some dead leaves
that had fallen from the
tree and onto her face.
Alice: Oh... I've had such a curious dream.
There was a White Rabbit and ...
I got bigger and smaller...
and I met a caterpillar and a Hatter ...
and I played croquet and ... a
cat that smiled and ... so many things.
Narrator: Alice told her sister all about
the Wonderland in her dream and the adventures
she had had there. Perhaps one day
Alice will dream herself back
to Wonderland.
If she does,
I'll be sure to tell you. Goodbye.
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Alice in Wonderland part 10: Alice's evidence

28 Folder Collection
published on November 9, 2019
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