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- Good morning. I'm Micaela.
- I'm Sonnie.
- And today we're at Dazaifu station
in Fukuoka Prefecture
and we are heading to the museum today.
And the museum is somewhere
that we have lived really close to for a long time
and neither of us have actually
taken the time to go and see what it's all about.
- I didn't know you haven't been there either.
- I haven't. No.
- That's cool.
- I've seen the outside of it
and I haven't gone inside of it.
So, today we're gonna take a walk through Dazaifu.
We're gonna see what's going on
and then we're gonna check out the museum
and maybe even pop by somewhere
for like a cute little lunch on the way back.
So from the station you go straight
and you're gonna hit the main road,
(bright upbeat music)
and main road leads both to the Daizifu Tenmangu Shrine
and the museum.
Have you been to the shrine before?
- I've been to the shrine once before.
And it was really cool and really beautiful.
- Uh hmm.
This area is really like,
I don't know. It's nice.
It feels like you've just gone back in time.
- It's very historic.
- So, we're about to go across this bridge
that like this famous red bridge
that leads to Dazaifu Shrine.
But did you know that there's like this rumor
that if you cross this bridge
with your lover,
they say that like if you stop half way,
then it's bad luck
and you'll probably break up.
- Oh no.
I did not know that.
- I'm glad we aren't married.
We did it.
- Yay.
- [Micaela] So the museum is from here,
we go this way.
- After living in Fukuoka,
which is the biggest city I've personally lived in,
it's really nice to get out here
and just be surrounded by the greenery here.
It's just really beautiful
and it makes me feel like--
- Invigorated. Revived.
- Yes, revived is the perfect word.
- [Micaela] There's a little theme park over here for kids
and it's playing theme park music
that just kinda echoes through the forest
and through everything.
- And you feel through your soul.
- [Micaela] Yeah.
- And you feel like it's going to change
into a minor chord
- [Micaela] Yeah. And then everything
is gonna go terribly wrong,
like are you afraid of the dark
or like goosebumps or something.
- Oh my god.
- [Micaela] Ahhh.
Oh my god, those escalators huge.
- [Sonnie] Yeah. Did you know I'm scared of escalators?
- [Micaela] Are you really?
- [Sonnie] Yeah. So you can't touch me.
- [Micaela] Okay.
Sonnie is a little bit afraid of escalators.
And like in the background we can hear the theme park music,
like just outside the door. (laughs loudly)
You know something bad is about to happen.
You see this?
We're gong down the rainbow tunnel.
This is actually really cool.
- [Sonnie] Mario Kart. It's the rainbow bridge.
- And you thought museums were boring.
No. - Shame on you.
Shame. - I don't know.
I think I thought museums were boring.
But I'm actually enjoying this quite.
- [Sonnie] But we're not technically in the museum yet.
- I know.
I think like I never go to museums
because I have the impression that museums
and libraries and art galleries are boring.
- You're naming some of my favorite places to go
(both laughs loudly)
- It's just like,
I don't know,
like a preconceived notion that I have
- Yeah.
- But, now that I'm here,
I feel like this is actually really cool.
I mean we're not even there yet
but I'm having fun.
(bright music)
Wow. This place is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
I've seen photos before
but seeing it in comparison
to like how little the people are,
ohh what a gorgeous reflective surface.
You could see all of the forest that surrounds the museum
reflected in the windows of the museum.
So, right next to the museum
is this restaurant, Green House,
which is like a giant open restaurant space.
You wanna try eating here?
- Ahhh, yes. 'cause that looks amazing.
- [Micaela] Oh my gosh.
Actually, yes.
- [Sonnie] I really like that they have
the allergy information.
- [Micaela] Actually, yeah.
- [Sonnie] One really clear, you know,
so you don't have to be really nervous about eating here.
- [Micaela] That's actually a really good point.
They have a lot of itoshima produce on their menu,
which means that they're using local ingredients,
which is always good.
Green House is a restaurant run by New Otani,
which is a Japan-based high end hotel chain.
Located right outside of the museum,
surrounded by a nice green forest,
this is a fairly quiet place to enjoy a nice meal,
away from the chaos of the main roads.
They serve both Japanese and Western style foods,
making it very tourist friendly.
Once you're inside the museum,
head to the ticket kiosk
from the main floor to purchase your tickets.
One ticket is 430 yen per person.
All right.
- We're going up another escalator.
(Micaela giggles loudly)
- Sonnie's favorite.
Sonnie really doesn't like escalators,
which I should have thought about
before I asked her to come to the museum
that is like 90% escalators.
- It would be worth it.
- All right, so now we have our tickets,
we are heading up to the fourth floor.
It's another very long escalator
and we're going to check out the monthly exhibition.
But first, I've heard that there's a place up here
where you could borrow English guidance audio,
which would be very helpful for us
because we don't really know what we're doing.
After setting up our audio guides,
we headed into the exhibition area
and headed straight to the Sarasa exhibition.
This is a textile display
that explains how traditional Japanese fabrics,
known as Sarasa,
actually originated in India.
It was interesting to see how the textile patterns change
into uniquely Japanese patterns and styles
throughout the years.
All the exhibits have translations in four languages,
Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
- [Micaela] There are a few interactive exhibits as well,
which are a lot of fun when you're visiting with friends.
Back on the first floor,
there's a gift shop
and another interactive area
that touches on cultural inventions from across Asia,
which we had a lot of fun in.
(xylophone music)
I'm a musical genius.
(both laughs loudly)
All right, that was a lot of fun.
Sonnie really likes museums.
That's what I've learned to day.
(Sonnie laughs loudly)
because I like go around and look
and I'm like, hmmm, very good, nice display,
all is well,
and Sonnie is like telling me the history of everything
and how it's all connected and what.
It's cool.
- And theories.
- I think in the end I didn't even the need the audio guide
because having Sonnie with me is just as useful.
(laughs loudly)
Yeah. Well this is a really cool place.
I'm really impressed by the scale
and I've never been here before.
I'd always see photos of the oustide
and I knew it was the big building
with the reflective outside windows
but then once I got here
I was really blown away by the scale of the entire thing
and then even like on the first floor inside,
we've got this huge,
high rise roof,
structures, - Ceilings.
- Ceilings,
that's the word.
A whole Yamakasa float display
built in the background,
those things are pretty big,
and for that entire thing to be inside a building like this.
She tall.
(Sonnie laughs loudly)
She tall.
Anyway, what did you like about the museum?
- Um.
I actually need to come back
because it wasn't enough time for me.
(Micaela laughs loudly)
I really,
I did like that they have interactive stuff as well as,
I mean, I'll enjoy anything basically,
as long as I'm learning something.
I'm super happy because I'm a huge dork
but I do feel like they have--
- She is.
- I am.
- But I do feel like they have a lot of different
kinds of displays.
So, a lot of people can enjoy that stuff.
- Yeah. For sure. For sure.
All right guys.
So, thanks for watching
and we'll talk to you again soon.
(bright upbeat music)
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64 Folder Collection
Sophie published on November 8, 2019
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