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  • K: In

  • K: and out.

  • K: Move your leg. Bring it forward.

  • J: Oh!

  • K: You're cheating.

  • J: I don't know if I can!

  • Hey! What's going on guys?

  • Today I am in Osaka and I am going to challenge myself to my first ever

  • Yoga class!

  • And as you guys know man,

  • I run, I play basketball, I do a lot of physical activities

  • but stretching and yoga is not my thing man.

  • I'm just not flexible at all

  • so I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous, I'm a little bit worried right now.

  • No worries, we have one of the best instructors in town today.

  • She is the world-renowned pole dancer.

  • Her name is Kira.

  • I feel a little bit better…I hope!

  • All right guys, well let's go inside, let's check it out and hopefully after this class, I'll be nice and flexible.

  • We'll see.

  • Let's go inside.

  • J: Oh wow! First time doing yoga?

  • S: Yeah.

  • J: Oh nice.

  • J: I feel a little bit better now.

  • K: Knee to the chest. Push the other leg straight.

  • K: Right ear to the right shoulder.

  • And I'm going to use my right hand to just hold my head in place.

  • So in this stretch I don't want the head to come up.

  • I want to keep it down.

  • With my left hand I'm going to lift it up

  • and I'm going to turn my palm to face away.

  • From here, really really slowly,

  • as slow as possible, bring the arm down.

  • So around here,

  • for me, I feel a really big stretch on my neck.

  • When you feel that stretch, stop.

  • Breathe.

  • K: So the next step,

  • we'll just have our hands just in front of you flat on the floor.

  • Without moving your hands, try to pull your body towards your hands.

  • Relax your legs.

  • From here, sliding down to your elbows.

  • J: Are you laughing at me?

  • J: This is my best right here.

  • J: My best.

  • K: I know. You don't like this stretch.

  • J: I don't like this at all!

  • K: Thank you.

  • J: Well let's give Kira-sensei a big round of applause.

  • And if you guys are interested, she also teaches a lot of stretching classes online

  • so this was just a part of it, right?

  • about stretching exercise

  • K: Yeah a bit of everything.

  • J: A little bit of everything.

  • J: So if you guys have questions, you can come and talk to her afterwards.

  • Thank you very much! It was such a fun class.

  • K: I'm glad you could be my assistant.

  • Ohhh! Now that was a workout guys.

  • I'm just one stiff guy you know?

  • But nonetheless, I had a good time.

  • I'm really glad I did it because it made me realize I need to start stretching.

  • So um I hope you guys enjoyed it.

  • It was a very painful experience for me but I hope you guys had a good laugh out of this.

  • I will try my best to start stretching but I can't promise that.

  • Anyway guys it was just a fun little outing today at the yoga class just for you guys to enjoy

  • and hopefully I can do something more like this and challenge myself to things I've never done before.

  • Because you know what?

  • It's always fun trying new things out right.

  • Thanks for watching today guys. I will catch you again next time.

  • Take it easy, peace!

K: In

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