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They say: “ You can't be old and wise, If you were never young and wild. ”
Youth is a one-way trip with no return
that's why you should make the most out of it
Traveling is a journey of discovering yourself,
before someone knows you
you should truly understand yourself
I would rather write my own story than listen to stories of others
Life is about putting all the little stories together
just like a film
You will meet lots of people during the journey
some of them walk along with you for a while
We only live once
we should explore the unknown
Celebrate each day like it's your birthday
live each day as if your last, with no regrets
Insiders, I want to thank you all
You make me live like a local
Travel in a world without strangers
Tripinsiders. Go on an adventure.
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Tripinsiders: Go On an Adventure

486 Folder Collection
Li Chieh published on November 4, 2019
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