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I've been running my own cooking classes for more than 12 years
I learned cooking from my dad
He's a really picky person with food
He always shopped the most fresh ingredients from the morning market
I go to the morning market very very early
Usually before 7:30 am
I go there to buy vegetables and fruit
For example, I buy fresh shiitake mushrooms
before it gets sweaty in the hot sun
I enjoy talking to the shop owners
street vendors
in the morning market
They're my old friends!
And they're part of my life
My guests come from all over the world
They come from the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong...
I love to share my passion with them
Especially, I love to learn from them
I enjoy cooking Taiwanese family food
When I'm cooking, I connect to many things
The ingredients
The memory
The relationship of my family
I see their faces
I feel my identity
Being an Insider allows me to connect with people
At the end of the day, when I see my guests' happy faces
We really enjoy the day
I feel...what a wonderful world
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Tripinsiders: Jodie's Kitchen in Taiwan

953 Folder Collection
Li Chieh published on November 4, 2019
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