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  • [Ian's old man personation] You damn kids got no respect for your elders.

  • Shut up!

  • [Ian singing] Kite day, kite day. It's a freaking kite day.

  • Blue kite. Blue, blue, blue, blue kite.

  • What the hell is this?

  • [Ian's mom] Your grandpa is dying and I don't want to take care of him anymore.

  • [Ian] Come on, mom.

  • I don't want this old, smelly ass in my house

  • [Ian's mom] Take him!

  • [Ian] You take him!

  • [Ian's mom] You! [Ian] No. You!

  • [Ian's mom] Not it! [Runs away, laughing]

  • [Ian] Fine. Run away.

  • But I'm not taking you, man.

  • Fine.

  • [Anthony] What's this?

  • [Ian] It's my stupid grandpa. I gotta take care of this dying ass.

  • What the hell is this?

  • [Anthony] Dude, that's a bucket list. All the things he wanted to do before he dies.

  • [Ian] But he didn't finish it.

  • [Anthony] You should totally finish it for him.

  • [Ian] Is that what you want, grandpa?

  • [Anthony] All right. So, the first thing on the list is

  • "Conquer your biggest fear."

  • What's your biggest fear?

  • [Ian] Aunt Jemima.

  • [Anthony] You're afraid of syrup?

  • [Ian] No, I'm afraid of her.

  • She just sits on that bottle, just smiling at me.

  • No matter where I go, I can feel those eyes piercing into my soul.

  • [Anthony] So, you're afraid of this?

  • [Anthony] Kiss her! [Ian] Get away from me, Anthony.

  • [Anthony] If you want to get over your fear, you have to kiss her!

  • [Ian] I can't.

  • [Anthony] Do it for your grandpa!

  • [Ian] No... I don't wanna kiss her!

  • [Anthony] All right. So, umm. Only 30 more to go.

  • Next up, we have "steal candy from a little kid."

  • [Ian] Sweet!

  • No pun intended.

  • Give me that!

  • [Her dad appears]

  • [Anthony] So, how does that cookie taste?

  • [Ian] Can we just finish the stupid list?

  • [Ian crying for help] No...

  • F**k Barbra Streisand!!!

  • [Anthony] Alright. So last thing on the list is "eat cat litter."

  • [Ian] What?!

  • [Anthony] Yeah! I already got some from the neighbor.

  • Eat up!

  • [Ian] I finished your stupid bucket list, grandpa.

  • I hope you're happy.

  • [Anthony] Sorry, dude. Looks like we didn't make it in time.

  • [Ian] It's funny. For this bucket list stuff, I thought my grandpa was a loser.

  • But I guess I just didn't understand him.

  • I just wish I could've

  • spend a little time with him before he...

  • Never mind. I'll see you later, man.

  • [Anthony shouts] He totally fell for it!

  • [Ian's grandpa] What an idiot! Who falls for a prank llike that?

  • [Ian's mom] Did you get him to eat the kitty litter?

  • [Anthony] Yeah, you should see. He was like...

  • "I got the little cat poop in my mouth!"

  • [Ian's grandpa] Hey, fellas. I got one more prank.

  • [Ian] Oh, grandpa. You're a great man.

  • I just wish...

  • [Ian as narrator] To see bloopers and this,

  • click the video right here.

  • It's that easy.

  • [Ian from the blooper footage] Don't shave the tip of the nip.

  • [Ian as narrator] Thanks for subscribing.

  • Now who wants to go fly some kites?

  • Because it's a freaking kite day!

  • Captioned by HCHS63rdWilson(Zombie)

[Ian's old man personation] You damn kids got no respect for your elders.

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