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  • - I would come into church and preach that God loves me.

  • That God accepts everybody.

  • And I didn't believe that for myself.

  • I was walking around wearing a mask.

  • I'm Reverend Derek Terry, pastor Saint Peter's UCC.

  • And I am a Black gay man minister.

  • So, for a lot of people, the idea of being

  • Black, gay, and Christian are three intersectionalities

  • that cannot come together.

  • I was 19 when I accepted my call to preach

  • in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • I was the fifth generation of my family at this church.

  • And its bylaws says you can't ordain someone who's gay

  • as a minister.

  • You can't attend, perform, or condone gay marriage.

  • I knew that there was not a place for me.

  • I didn't want that life.

  • I didn't want the sneaking, the hiding,

  • the seediness of not being able to be accepted

  • for who I was, as I was.

  • I resigned.

  • (piano)

  • When I resigned, I found the United Church of Christ.

  • Until today, the idea that we're looking at

  • is that I am good enough.

  • When I first applied to be the pastor of the church,

  • I was very nervous, and I didn't think that

  • they would hire me.

  • And I said I'm gay, I'm young, I'm Black.

  • And they said, "Okay."

  • It is extremely liberating to be able to come to church,

  • to be able to stand before people,

  • and to be loved and affirmed for who I am, as I am.

  • Without hesitation, without fear,

  • and knowing that it simultaneously empowers others

  • to do the same.

- I would come into church and preach that God loves me.

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Preaching the Love of All

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    許大善 posted on 2019/11/03
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