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“Mind the gap.” (3X)
Train station guard: I don’t know this one personally yet it has been a few years now.
I keep seeing her come to this station just sitting on the same seat, but never getting on the train.
You know there’s been a lot of strange thing’s happening in this city.
And she sure has been acting quite strange but I don’t care because she’s such an elegant lady.
Old lady: “Sir...”
mind the gap.
Train station guard: May I help you?
Old lady: Those were the first words my husband ever spoke to me.
Train station guard: Would you like to sit down? Over here?
Old lady: Thank you. It’s all right.
You see…
forty years ago my husband and I met in this station.
We fell in love. We dated. We had a child.
So wonderful father
He had a beautiful voice.
Unfortunately, the talent scouts did not discover him, add his voice to myself.
Now this voice is with the city now, even though he's been gone for a few years
Train station guard: that was your husband's voice that was on that recording before?
Old lady: That’s right. They replaced him.
I had no right to ask. But please, is it possible that I could get the tapes?
you know the decades i've been here listening to your husband's voice
Train station guard:…but actually there’s nothing I can do about it because today they just changed over the system.
Old lady: It’s ok. I understand.Train station guard: I am so sorry.
Since that day we spoke, I haven’t seen that woman return to this station.
Of course, she has no reasons to come back.
Time always has a way of making of things slip away till there’s nothing left.
(Music: It was a Tuesday mornin’ in May, and as I awoke.
I saw the sun against your fair face.
It was the years, lovely smile,
the breeze was fresh and throughout the garden lingered the sun to roses.
It was May and I cannot forget that we sang together.
The more time passes, the more I remember.
The air was fresh and the sun so sweet….
it was May… it was May.
Yes, I love of my heart… love of my heart..
You’re goin’ far away , you’re leavin’ me.
And I will count the hours, when will you return?
With nod I said, ’ I will return when the roses bloom again.’
And I said love of my heart, love of my heart….
You’re goin’ far away, you’re leavin’ me.
And I will count the hours, when will you return?
And you said, ‘I will return.’ When I share your voice again
I will return as promised….when the roses bloom… Man: Thank you. Thank you very much!
We will call you… by the way I’m just wondering if you could do me a favor?
Just record the line for me. Just say, ‘Mind the gap.’
Musician: ‘Mind the gap.’
Man: Can you just say it two more times?
Announcer: “Mind the gap…mind the gap….mind the gap.”
Train station guard: Madam, we were able to get your husband’s recording and reinstalled
not in all the city but at least this station.
Here, his voice is our mutual memory.
Old lady: Thank you.
Train station guard: Are you going somewhere?
Old lady: Well, Yes. I can go on from here now. I have my memories.
Train station guard: Wonderful! May I give you a hand?
Old lady: Oh, thank you!
“ Mind the gap.”
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Kingston 2013 A Memory to Remember

28987 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on November 19, 2013
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