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- [Ray] Yeah, I don't think there's no better life
than a fisherman's life.
(lighthearted country guitar music)
- [Warren] Ain't nothin' like getting up before daylight,
getting out on the water and see
that sun come up over the horizon.
- We gonna get to pull in catfish pots
in the mornin', ain't we?
- Yeah.
- We always together when we go out in that water
most of the time.
- [Ray] Everybody said they don't know how two brothers
could work together as many years as we have
and still be working together.
You give and take.
Some Sundays we don't see each other
but other than that, every day.
- Ray and I does our own thing early every mornin'.
We finish up (mumbles) and we meet at the shop.
I love to see him every mornin' over there.
It makes a great day.
It's gonna happen one day.
- [Ray] There's gonna be one morning
when we're not together.
- Yep.
If I go first, I'll see him later.
- He's gonna save me a seat.
And if I go first, I'm gonna save him one
right alongside of me.
- We might be fishing up there.
- Yeah, the Lord might give us a boat.
- We'll take Jesus fishin'.
Catch lots of fish then.
- [Ray] That's the real plus to life to know that you got
somebody that is on the same frequency you are
and someone you confide in and know that
if I need a hand over here all I gotta do
is call him and he'll come and the same with him to me.
If I didn't have a brother like him,
I don't know what I'd do.
- Ditto.
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75 Years of Brotherly Love

113 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 29, 2019
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