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- [Narrator] So you think Tinder is a recent phenomenon.
What if I told you Tinder on paper
existed back in the Victorian days?
Here's what happened.
Way before Hallmark, people used personal calling cards
to connect with each other.
Picture this.
It was the late 1800s.
A man and a woman crossed paths.
They exchange a look.
In return, the man passed his card.
See, society at that time was very formal
and not satisfied with the stiff social conventions,
youngsters got creative.
Enter escort cards, the calling card with a twist.
Think of the most ridiculous and cheesy pickup line
you've ever heard written on a card.
- [Man] Come and see our new lamp.
You can turn it down so low that there is scarcely
any light at all, P.S. our sofa just holds two.
- [Man] I'm just your size and complexion,
I'm going in your direction, so if you have no objection,
I'd like to be your protection.
- [Man] I am C.Y. Young, who the devil are you?.
- [Narrator] Now, picture that card slipped to you,
it was a way to flirt in public
without anyone ever knowing.
- [Man] May I have the pleasure
of seeing you home this evening?
- [Narrator] And in this case, oh, she swiped left.
(soft violin music)
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The 19th Century Tinder: Welcome to the Racy World of Escort Cards

32 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 29, 2019
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