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This is a very important video, some people, some dumb balls, still think the earth is flat.
My god.
How can you be so stupid?
Logan Paul - thats right.
Now, let's look at this Earth, okay?
What shape is this?
That's right, round.
Well, what a lot of people don't know... is if you keep zooming in...
Over here, over in Canada, over in Saint Pierre and Miquelon...
Over here at St. Johns, over here at Witless Bay...
We are getting closer.
Over to Burnt Cove, over between the Gret Island and Sant Miquel.
We have...
Pee Pee Island!
Smash like on this video right now ...
If you want to visit Pee Pee Island.
Because I don't know about you guys... I really want to go visit Pee Pee Island.
What happens in Pee Pee Island?
I don't know.
Why does it have such an amazing name?
I don't know either.
This is proof, once and for all, that the Earth is round.
I think...yes...
I wanted to explore a little bit more here today what you can discover on this amazing planet Earth.
Thanks to Google's technology with Google Street View and Google Satellite, there's so many different things to look at!
So many things to appreciate!
Such as this new viral clip.
Thanks to, in uh, I think New Jersey or something like that... we have a Google Street View, of a man.
Falling down the stairs!
I shouldn't be laughing. I really shouldn't!
Oh no! Oh God! I haven't seen the second one.
I hope he is Okay; I genuinely do.
Let's see if we can find this.
Alright, let's add the little guy.
Oh no...
Jesus Christ!
They blurred him out at least.
God, I hope he's okay.
The world is a wonderful place to live.
We also have this incredible clip, which i think i've shown before.
A cute little dog, on another note.
Just an adorable little dog, chasing over the google street view car thing.
Come on, dog, you can do it!
Some say the dog is still chasing the Google Street View car to this day.
To this day!
Just doesn't give up, does he?
I got you now, Google sir.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, here we go.
Zoom in.
We're in Nihon, Japan everyone!
Oh my God!
How did they know?
Only in Japan.
For those of you who haven't visited to Japan, yes, this is how everyone walks around.
Where did they go?
That's so creepy!
God damn pigeon people.
They are everywhere.
Take it back, the Earth is not fl-
Why does the Japanese Earth look different?
Explain this, scientists.
Oh yeah, I know this one.
Okay, so, you look at the speed limit.
God damn it, Google.
Look at the speed limit, 37, this is taken by the Google car by the way.
Turn around here, what is the speed limit?
God damn it, Google.
Oh, they blurred it those fu-
What the freak Google, you break the law.
Everyone tweet this out right now #GoogleBreakALaw.
I'm crying, and i'm shaking right now...
Google just confessed to this horrific crime.
Pro tip: Google, if you break the law, don't film it...
Take it from me... who's never done anything illegal.
Moving on.
Okay, here's another coordinate.
Alright, so you're just in a park.
It's a nice day, it's a nice weather.
You're in co fn, whatever that is...
You walk down the street, and boom!
It's a cow.
Incredible, cows exist!
How did he get passed the cow?
That is the real question.
That's some close up action right there.
Thank you very much, Google.
Keep Shane Dawson away from th-
That's not even a joke...
Jesus Christ.
Alright, see you later cows!
You can find all kinds of s**t on Google Street View.
Why go out side when you could just click through this.
Look at these people, looking awkward.
They always look at the camera, it's so creepy.
One cool thing I actually find is that, is that could actually go underwater.
In Google Maps and like, here on island, you can go underwater.
And there's a turtle!
Pretty epic!
See, everyone looks into the camera. This is what I'm talking about.
It's so weird.
Damn, that's epic.
Look at that... amazing.
And we are killing it.
Congratulations, everyone.
Alright, next up, I have some coordinates I want to explore.
Where in the world are we gonna go next?
That's right, everyone.
We enter the coordinates, we enter the Satellite View.
We zoom in on Satellite View. I assume it's over here.
Zoom in, god damn it.
And there we have it.
A giant stuffed bunny, everyone.
Giant stuffed bunny, thank you Italy. Very cool.
We have this one: if you go to Google Earth, type in the coordinates, blah blah blah, it's a man dragging a dead body to a lake!
Shocked face.
That is so creepy.
Okay, we must investigate.
Let's enter the coordinate.
There it is.
Where are they?
Where did they go?
The mysteries of life... we will explore this.
We will dig deep.
What happened to this person?
It's a wet dog.
I mean, I shouldn't be happy, I shouldn't...
I'll take it.
Panic averted.
I mean it looks crazy...
Alright, so just another, oh God, Chad.
The magnificent country.
It even has the eyes.
My God, Chad, all hail Chad.
The greatest country of all time.
Now, if you zoom in a little bit outside of Chad, and you zoom in... a little bit... and then just go...
And that's gonna be right..
And that's a mouth... isn't it?
Well, whatever it's lips.
Very fascinating. The world is a magnificent place. Prepare to be more fascination (fascinated) upcoming here.
Adding some more coordinates.
Here we have in... where the hell is this? Port Sudan.
Okay, you zoom in and out, in the Red Sea. Zoom time, zoom time.
You can actually see, I think at least, no?
Supposed to be a ship wreck.
God damn it.
Well, that makes it lame.
We also have this fantastic picture, what the he...
I think this is in Mexico, so creepy, Jesus Christ.
There's also this wonderful place, such as, Chicago.
I don't know if these are real. I just love it so much.
Welcome to Chicago, everyone.
Where you can also find, arguably, one of greatest things on Google Street View.
This dog, everyone.
Look at this dog.
If this isn't worth smash, like, subscribe, I don't know what is.
Incredible! Good boy.
Meanwhile, in Russia's Google Street View...
What is happening here? Does anyone know?
Look, they're looking too, like, aw s*** , they got it.
Ah, Damn it, Google street car got us.
There is also the... I don't know what this is.
I don't know what's happening here, but i could only imagine, but they're fighting us.
Oh my God.
They even convicted a man in Taiwan, thanks to Google Maps.
Because an unleashed dog was responsible for a neighbor's bicycle accident.
Jesus Christ.
Google maps will get you, man, big brother is watching you.
But I think the most, the worst one is when... just falling..
Poor, no... look at the poor dog!
(human falls down) Oh no, the poor dogs!
Look at them!
I stumbled upon this funny sequence randomly.
Who just randomly goes through Google Street!? Jesus Christ.
Take better care of your dogs, you dummy.
There are also wonderful images such as... baby being born.
And naked man in sleeping trunk.
But if you go to Gothenburg, Sweden, my home town.
You enter Satellite View, and you zoom in just enough on Stadium Ullevi, and you will find, that's right everyone ...
Represent.com slash pewdiepie.
T-Series may have beaten us, so you might as well buy the 90 million club merch.
Because we sure as hell aint getting to 200, at this point.
So thank you for your support, and I really, really, really appreciate it, and I see you guys tomorrow.
What? Tuber simulator become relevant!
No! No, don't leave! No, please. Sponsor Eagle please do something. Yes!
This game is still relevant, god damn it.
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Google Map Top Fails (very epic fails)

1463 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on October 29, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Steve reviewed
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