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Does Hilda celebrate friendship and imagination?
"There's mystery everywhere you look."
"Come one, Twig. Let's get my sketch book."
It most certainly does.
This book-based animated series tells the tale of an adventurous young girl
who befriends the strange creatures living in the woods near her home.
"I bet we wouldn't have neighbors like this in Trolberg."
Gentle storytelling and sweet themes are what make this whimsical show tick.
Hilda is joyful, daring, and kind to everyone she meets,
always finding new friends and common ground.
"I'm Hilda. I just moved here. What to be friends?"
While they watch Hilda explore her amazing world, kids will see the value of curiosity
and be exposed to good messages about tolerance and fellowship.
As with most adventures, there is some danger and tension at times, but no one ever gets hurt.
"Such is the life of an adventurer."
Common Sense says Hilda is OK for kids 6 and up.
And we give it our Common Sense Seal."
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Hilda: TV Review

140 Folder Collection
haly ha published on October 27, 2019
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