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  • Take you to the movies

  • Girl, we'll make the movie

  • How I fallin' back to the beat

  • ♫ I'm on a roll

  • Take on the world

  • Yes, yes, y'all

  • - [Sam] I work with Zulu P,

  • and they are a rap group here in New York City.

  • They've played shows all over New York at this point.

  • The group consists of the founding member Marley G.

  • - I'm the great Marley G.

  • - [Sam] Sweetness.

  • Like a sunshine

  • - [Sam] T. Rock.

  • My microphone chill

  • Might overload it

  • - [Sam] And Lil E.B.

  • - All better and peace!

  • They have a really original take on hip-hop.

  • We have a program here that serves adults

  • with developmental disabilities who also play music.

  • They don't seem to develop preconceptions

  • about how things should be.

  • Definitely musically.

  • It's a really striking kind of freedom, I think,

  • for people who live their lives guided by and sometimes

  • bounded by other people's perceptions or preconceptions.

  • (deep beat)

  • - [Sam] We just book Zulu P on shows

  • like you would book any regular band

  • and don't give any type of preface or anything.

  • People will come.

  • They'll see the show,

  • but you can see that there's a little tension there

  • for people.

  • But I think it's a productive and interesting tension.

  • (audience applauds)

  • The members of Zulu P are completely open,

  • totally positive, always down.

  • They're not cynical, and they're never self-conscious.

  • - I'm Zulu P.

  • Peace out.

  • - [Sam] It's really amazing to see them

  • get up there and crush a show.

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