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{\an8}- [Together] Monsta X.
{\an8}Hi, we are Monsta X.
{\an8}- This is our bus tour with MTV News.
{\an8}- [I.M] In New York City.
{\an8}- [Together] New York!
{\an2}- [I.M] Let's go baby, let's go.
{\an2}- Hey!
{\an2}- Okay, I always thought about New York,
{\an2}it was kind of like busy and there's lots of people.
{\an2}- Working.
{\an2}- Working all day, like early birds.
{\an2}- It was busy.
{\an2}- It was pretty busy, like New York.
{\an8}- During the tour, we didn't have the spare time.
{\an8}- Yeah, it's kinda like our first time having
{\an8}a day off.
{\an8}Like something, like touring a city.
{\an8}Literally with a tour bus.
{\an2}- (Translated to English) For once, let's just say Wonho.
{\an8}- Wonho, Wonho.
{\an8}- He's in the hotel, he's sick right now.
{\an8}Yeah, Wonho.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Wow, this legendary.
{\an8}- It feels like Spider-Man is gonna fly through here.
{\an2}- I want to go Shake Shack.
{\an2}- Shake Shack?
{\an8}- Yeah.
{\an8}- I want to eat hot dog in street.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) What will you put on it?
{\an8}- Ketchup.
{\an8}- Ketchup.
{\an8}- Mustard.
{\an8}that's it. - Don't let them put that,
{\an8}hot chili sauce-- - Sauces, yes.
{\an8}- Pickle, pickle.
{\an8}- No, I hate pickle.
{\an8}- [Jooheon] Central Park.
{\an8}- Hi.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Central Park is a huge park in the middle of the city.
{\an8}- Ah, really?
{\an8}- It's super big.
{\an8}- Oh, that too! 'Sex and the City' is
{\an8}set in New York too, right?
{\an8}- Ah, really? I think you're right.
{\an8}That's right! Almost the whole thing is set here, isn't it?
{\an8}- 'Sex and the City.'
{\an8}- [Shownu] I like-- - [Hyungwon] I like--
{\an2}(Translated to English) - Say it, say it. - Go ahead.
{\an8}- I like Samantha.
{\an8}- Samantha, Samantha.
{\an8}- We're at Central Park.
{\an8}- Wow.
{\an8}- This is first time.
{\an8}- This is first time.
{\an8}- Hi, we're Monsta X.
{\an8}- Hi.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) I want a ride in carriage!
{\an8}- Oh!
{\an8}- Yeehaw!
{\an8}(singing "Old Town Road")
{\an8}- Whoa!
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Wow, it's huge!
{\an8}- [Producer] You guys wanna try a Central Park hotdog?
{\an8}- Ahh!
{\an8}- Wow, it is dream.
{\an8}It is my dream
{\an8}in New York City.
{\an8}- Wow.
{\an8}- Taste is,
{\an8}all the same.
{\an8}- Normal.
{\an8}- Normal.
{\an2}- Woo!
{\an2}- King Kong.
{\an2}- Empire Building is King Kong.
{\an8}Let's go.
{\an8}Bye, have a nice day.
{\an8}- Hi!
{\an2}We are family.
{\an2}- Yeah.
{\an8}- He's the daddy.
{\an8}- Hey, Papa.
{\an8}- Papa, give me money, Papa.
{\an8}- Hey, Papa, give me the money, Papa.
{\an8}- I need to buy a book, Papa.
{\an8}- You should buy a hot dog, Papa.
{\an8}- I want to eat hot, Papa!
{\an8}- I need to pay for my college, Papa.
{\an8}- I need to pay for my college, Papa.
{\an2}- I want to eat hot dog.
{\an2}- Ah, Jooheon.
{\an2}- Yeah.
{\an2}I like Papa.
{\an2}- (Translated to English) I have something that just came to my mind.
{\an2}The title name is "High Building."
{\an8}(Translated to English) Just like there's a lot of really tall buildings,
{\an8}I'm going to go as high as one of these buildings. That kind of feeling.
{\an8}- Hey!
{\an8}- Oh, that! There! There! - Wow, it's super high.
{\an8}- My like pre-ritual to me,
{\an8}perfume makes
{\an8}a suit.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Like covering us up?
{\an8}- Yeah, it really feels like I'm ready for the show.
{\an8}- Ah, okay.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Ah, Doctor Strange is in New York too, isn't he?
{\an8}- Hey!
{\an8}- Hey what's up, hi.
{\an8}- [Jooheon] Oh, Empire!
{\an8}New York state of mind.
{\an8}- Oh!
{\an8}- Hi!
{\an8}- Have a nice day.
{\an8}- We're Monsta X.
{\an8}- We're here in the Empire State Building.
{\an8}- Yeah! - Wow.
{\an8}- Wow, superstar!
{\an8}- He's looking at girls' underwear.
{\an2}- We have no time.
{\an2}- We have no time.
{\an2}- We have to release the new album.
{\an2}- That's a secret. - That's a secret.
{\an2}- Victoria's Secret.
{\an2}- Monsta X's secret!
{\an2}- Without Minhyuk.
{\an8}- (Translated to English) I keep the most secrets!
{\an8}- Ah, it's so funny I just spit.
{\an8}- That's also a secret.
{\an8}- In that case, should I open my mouth and reveal it first?
{\an8}- Ah, please don't do that.
{\an8}- What's that? I'm easy, you say?
{\an8}- New York!
{\an8}- It'll be a big problem for all of you if I reveal something about each of you.
{\an8}I love zipper.
{\an8}- So let's say we're all good at keeping secrets.
{\an8}- Five Guys
{\an8}- Oh Five Guys, we're seven guys.
{\an8}Bryant Park.
{\an8}Who's Brian?
{\an8}- Bryant.
{\an8}- Kobe Bryant. - Ah, Bryant.
{\an8}- [Jooheon] Yeah.
{\an8}- Oh, she's crying.
{\an8}- See you tomorrow.
{\an8}- Don't cry, baby!
{\an8}- (Translated to English) Oh, it's showing over there! Look, look!
{\an8}- That's our,
{\an8}our video.
{\an8}- We are here!
{\an8}- [Kihyun] Monsta X World Tour.
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MONSTA X Tour NYC & Spill New Album Secrets | MTV News

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 26, 2019
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