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♪ Real ass (beep) bitch (beep) I don't give a fuck (beep) ♪
♪ About a (beep) ♪
♪ Big Birkin' bag hoe, five, six figures ♪
Hey you guys it's me, Keke Palmer,
and I'm about to play Song Association with Elle.
Get in to it.
I'll be given a word
and I'll have 10 seconds to sing a song
with that word in it.
(Keke quietly squeals)
I mean, I'd love to get 'em all right.
You know, a Virgo, uh, perfectionist.
Before I get into the game,
make sure you guys check out "Hustlers" in theaters now.
You don't wanna miss it.
♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♪
♪ Wind up (ping) ♪
♪ Wind up ♪
♪ Uh-huh wind up ♪
♪ Wind up ♪
♪ One for them in the grinder ♪
♪ Grinder all my bosses just wind up ♪
♪ Wind up ♪
♪ Simply ♪
That's me, Keke.
(clock ticking)
♪ Pretty (ping) hurts ♪
♪ I should make a move but I won't ♪
♪ I know you're probably thinking somethin' is wrong ♪
♪ And I knew that it wouldn't be right ♪
♪ I wanna get down but not the first (ping) night ♪
♪ Hold on to your love ♪
♪ Ya got to hold on ♪
♪ Mm ♪
♪ Better to have loved (ping) than not at all ♪
♪ At all, at all, at all ♪
That's uh, you know,
♪ Stretch, in the name of love before you ♪
I actually, a song that has stretch (buzzer) in it?
♪ Breath, stretch, shake, let it go ♪
♪ Breath, stretch, shake, let it go ♪
♪ Walk away, just walk ♪
It's like the melody's in my head,
but I can't get um.
♪ Runaway (ping) love, love, love, love ♪
♪ Runaway love, love, love ♪
That's Mary J. Blige and Ludacris,
I thought it was walk away.
Just away, I got it.
Isn't it somebody from the old days?
Push, push it (ping).
♪ Push it good ♪
♪ Push it ♪
♪ Push it good ♪
♪ Push it real good ♪
♪ I'm a hustla baby ♪
♪ Hustla, hustla, hustla ♪
One of them rappers.
So some of the songs on my "Hustlers" playlist,
would be my song, "Twerk N Flirt".
♪ Twerk on your body, twerk on your body, work ♪
♪ Bottles in your section ♪
♪ Gettin' litty, gettin' turnt ♪
Summit, that's you know, gettin' you into a sexy vibe.
I loved filming "Hustlers",
working with J-Lo was awesome.
I've always wanted to work with her.
She's really cool, she's like a girl's girl,
so it was fun all day.
♪ Cause I'm real ♪
♪ The way you walk the way you do ♪
♪ Cause I'm real ♪
♪ Cause I'm real ♪
♪ And I can't go on without you ♪
You know, whatever.
I got to do a coupla scenes with Cardi
and it was really cool working with her too.
Specially in a different element.
My favorite song from Cardi?
It's probably that one where she get real deep
about them guys.
What's, how does it go?
Y'all know it.
(slaps chair)
♪ Be careful with me ♪
(Keke humming)
I don't know all the words right now but you know.
♪ Be careful with me ♪
I like it.
♪ Touch (ping) ♪
♪ Touch ♪
(laughing) Some stuff was in between there but
you get the point (laughing).
♪ If I had one wish (ping), we would be best friends ♪
♪ Love would never end ♪
♪ It would just begin ♪
♪ If I had one wish ♪
Ray J, baby.
♪ Ladies (ping) leave your man at home ♪
♪ The club is full of ballers ♪
♪ And their pockets full grown ♪
Destiny's Child.
Those typa songs make me think about Mercedes
and the vibe of Mercedes
because they just so much attitude.
It's very like, "Uh, huh, get it."
And I think Mercedes has that sass and that vibe,
you know, she's ready to go into them clubs,
make that money,
but you ain't gon take advantage of her.
Real ass (beep) bitch (beep) I don't give a fuck (beep)
♪ About a (beep) ♪
♪ Big Birkin' bag hoe, five, six figures ♪
That's what makes me think about Mercedes.
(laughs loudly)
Or, Meg Thee Stallion.
♪ I can't be (beep) with no ♪
(clock ticking)
♪ Got a big (ping) ego ♪
♪ Oh, love a big ego ♪
♪ The boy is mine (ping) ♪
♪ Must you do the things you do ♪
♪ Keep on actin' like a fool, you need ♪
Of course, "The Boy is Mine" Brandy and Monica.
The boy is mine, the boy is mine, the boy is mine (laughs).
You know his name.
♪ Wanna be down (ping) with what you're going through ♪
♪ I wanna be down ♪
♪ I wanna be down wit you no matter the time ♪
Of course, Brandy.
I mean her whole catalog.
I hope you guys had fun watching me do
the Song Association with Elle.
Make sure you subscribe
and make sure you check out me every day on GMA3
and get into those theaters and see "Hustlers".
(Keke clicks her tongue)
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Keke Palmer Sings Beyoncé, Brandy, and Mary J. Blige in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 26, 2019
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