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The scene refers to Elektra Vol 2 # 23
Elektra has its first appearance in Daredevil #168
Kirigi appears for the first time in Daredevil #174
Next to the organization called "The Hand"
Elektra is resurrected in Daredevil #190
Same number where its origins are shown with The Chaste
The murder of Elektra's mother Has two variants;
In Elektra Root of Evil # 4, she dies for a murderer hired by her brother Orestez Natchios,
While on Elektra # 18, she dies in the civil war being chased by a rebel.
Typhoid Mary is listed in Daredevil #254
Tattoo (Tudo Sokuto) appears by First time at Genetix # 2
Stone appears for the first time in Daredevil #187
Stick appears in Daredevil # 176
The Chaste appears by First time on Daredevil #187
To Know more about Elektra, this list of comics will help.
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Elektra 2005 - Bleeft

231 Folder Collection
張明哲 published on October 25, 2019
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