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They converted some of the missile tubes to SEAL delivery systems.
They couldn't find us.
Special Warfare Operators, or SOs, is a collective group of Navy SEALs.
We train to jump, we train to dive, swim, come out of the water, fight on land, and do anything in between.
Our primary weapon is the M4.
We use the SIG pistol.
We're transitioning to the Glock 9 millimeter.
We shoot everything from rocket launchers, to automatic weapons, long-range sniper guns.
You're gonna learn diving equipment.
You're gonna have multiple different types of fins and masks.
Our equipment loadout that we get issued to us from our supply command, it's like, I can barely fit it into my garage.
They said we were gonna go into a cold weather environment.
We go through training in Kodiak, Alaska.
They throw us in the ice and the river for 8 minutes, until you're damn near hypothermia.
Everybody nowadays can run fast, and so much is known about the pipeline out there now...
that guys are able to do the sit-up and the push-ups and all that kind of stuff no problem, but it takes a big mental effort to get through.
We actually had a couple Olympic athletes, and they quit.
So what is it that brings a guy to the end besides your ability and his body being able to handle it?
It's grit.
And how do you measure grit?
You have to put them in uncomfortable situations where other people are relying on them.
Putting a boat on their head and making them run down the beach in extreme pain.
The log PT that I'm sure you've seen.
Or, land warfare.
The very basics of it is shooting and moving.
I think for every Seal Operator there is, operating as a team, there's ten guys supporting him.
Corpsmen, there'll be Intelligence Specialists, Parachute Riggers, GMs, MAs, Comms guys, and Supply guys.
So when you think of SEALs, you think of the water.
For the last ten years, we've been land-based because the wars have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But originally, we were the Maritime Force.
So let's say there's a vessel, and there's pirates on board.
We would be the guys that would go in at night with the pirates armed, and we would take that vessel down.
For that quick, hard hit, and that's what we're good for.
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Navy SEAL - SO

293 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on October 21, 2019    Annie Chien translated    Steve reviewed
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