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My message to the young people who want to have
an impact on the world is be creative.
There is so incredibly much you can do and to not
underestimate yourself.
– Greta, how are you? – I'm good.
– It is very good to see you again. – Very good to see you again.
– Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello.
– Thank you for having me. – Of course.
You're changing the world so we're very excited to have you.
How have you found, so far, the Friday strikes?
How did they go in New York and how did they go in Washington?
– Very well. – Yeah?
– Everyone is so nice and all these young people seem so eager,
very enthusiastic, which is a very good thing.
No one is too small to have an impact and change the world
so just do everything you can. Be creative.
– You and me we're a team, huh? – Yes.
– Do you know about fistbumping? – Do you believe in fist bumping?
– You can do that. Boom.
Good luck. – Good luck.
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'We're a team': Greta Thunberg visits Barack Obama

262 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 19, 2019
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