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  • Female announcer: From the world premiere of Eclipse, on the box on the red carpet, Jo Jo on the radio

  • JoJo: JoJo On the Radio in the studio with, well not in the studio, in our little Bing box at the Eclipse premiere

  • JoJo: It looks like a giant porter potty with air conditioning, but I'm in this giant porter potty with Kristen Stewart.

  • JoJo: Kristen, how are you doing? Kristen: I'm so glad to be in a porter potty with you.

  • JoJo: You know what, it's something about me, that's a fair description of this thing right?

  • Kristen: This is the most luxury porter potty I've ever been in, and it smells great too

  • JoJo: You know what, we pride ourselves on our porter potty smell. Kristen: It is the Eclipse premiere.

  • JoJo: Yes it is, you got to do it up nice. Kristen this thing has blown up to epic proportions

  • JoJo: Just give me your overall take on the fan level-I know you love your fans, just give me your overall take on how you love

  • JoJo: your fans, how they love you, and just this lovefest for Twilight. This is a pop culture event, this is no longer a movie

  • Kristen: Yeah, it's completely different from anything I've done. I've done tiny movies that nobody has seen

  • Kristen: I wish that I didn't have to show up in these dresses, and like, looking like, we look like dummy gods when we show up

  • Kristen: I want to be able to show up and be like "hey guys, what's up?" and run around

  • Kristen: and not have my feet feeling like they're going to fall off. It just feels like we are put on this different pedestal

  • Kristen: and I feel like we are the same, because we have the exact same thing, like the same love for the book

  • JoJo: What if you did? Would your publicists and managers have a heart attack?

  • Kristen: Yes!

  • JoJo: If you show up in jeans and flip-flops you know. [laughing] She's squirming over there!

  • JoJo: I mean maybe she can show up in some jeans too and it can be kind of a combo thing you know

  • JoJo: Kristen, I know you are running short on time. Go enjoy your fans.

  • JoJo: The invite is serious, whenever you want to come hang out, and I love you, have a great night.

  • Kristen: Thanks man, I love you too.

  • Kristen: Thanks man, I love you too.

  • JoJo: Yes we do, we've got love going. That's Kristen Stewart. It's JoJo On the Radio, Eclipse world premiere back in a minute

Female announcer: From the world premiere of Eclipse, on the box on the red carpet, Jo Jo on the radio

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