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Mr Lewandowski is it correct that as reported in the Mueller report
on 19 June 2017 you met alone in the Oval office with the president?
– Is there a book and page you can reference me to, please?
I don't have a copy in front of me.
– Volume 2, page 90. But I simply ask you, is it correct
that as reported in the Mueller report
on 19 June 2017 you met alone in the Oval office with the president?
– Could you read the exact language of the report?
Sir, I don't have it available to me.
– I don't think I need to do that and I have limited time.
Did you meet alone with the president on that date?
– I'd like you to refresh my memory by providing a copy of the report
so I can follow along.
– Page ... you don't have a copy with you?
– I don't have a copy of the report, congressman.
– May I request that the clock is stopped while this charade is sorted out?
– I'm sorry congressman, what page was it?
– The clock should have been stopped, it should remain stopped.
Page 90, volume 2.
– And which paragraph, sir? – I don't have it in front of me.
– I'd like a reference, sir, so I can follow along with
what you're asking.
– Do you not have an independent recollection of whether
you met with the president on that date?
– Congressman, I'm just trying to find in the Mueller report
where it says that.
– Well you have it in front of you. I gave you the page number.
– Where in page 90 is it, sir? – Mr chairman, you have to start the clock.
– No I don't have to start the clock when he's filibustering me.
– Bottom of page 90.
– Filibustering is a different issue. That's across the hall.
This is actual questions being done now.
– Mr chairman, point of parliamentary inquiry, mr chairman.
– The gentleman will state his point of parliamentary inquiry.
– Mr chairman, is it appropriate for a witness to refuse to answer a question
and instead demand that we reference and point him...
I ask that that Mueller report be closed and the witness be directed
to answer the question.
– The answer is not inappropriate but it's on the bottom two lines of that page.
– Point of order: when will the clock start, mr chairman?
– Once the question is asked, mr chairman, the clock should start.
– Right under overview, second line.
– Parliamentary inquiry, mr chairman.
– Gentleman, the witness – Point of order
– A point of order overrides that mr chairman and you know that.
– The gentleman will state his point of order.
– Point of order: once the question has been asked
in reference properly to the witness to answer the question,
the clock should start.
It cannot be held while you and you counsel go over notes.
– The gentleman is correct.
The clock will start and the witness will answer the question
without further delay.
– Yes, I see that in the report. – Thank you.
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Chaotic scenes at House hearing as Corey Lewandowski refuses to answer questions

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 18, 2019
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