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we've had some huge news on the Samsung Galaxy S11 and I'll be sharing all the
details right after this
if you knew here on want to stay up to date with the latest tech please hit
subscribe followed by the Bell so as we know Samsung released two flagships each
year with the S range coming first followed by the notes in the second half
in 2020 we may see a huge change as the two flagships
could be merging into one the news comes from Evan blast and while it is of
course still a rumor he says it does come from a solid source the two ranges
could be merging into a single lineup under the name galaxy one which could
mean instead of the galaxy s11 this year we'll be getting at the galaxy one
Samsung hinted earlier on in the year that Samsung may be retiring the S
branding so this would make sense considering the differences between the
two have become less and less the S range is now delivering some large
models comparable in size to the note range so this would be a fitting move
for Samsung and great news for many is if this is true essentially it means
that we would have a galaxy s11 that now includes the S Pen with the two
ranges merged it also allows them to focus efforts on the foldable devices in
the second half of the year which means that we could be getting a successor to
the Galaxy fold in the second half of 2020 of course this is still a rumor
from a leaker so nothing set in stone until we get the confirmation from
Samsung we have however had some leaks on the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy One as it may
be cooled the first bit of information came from ice universe who's advised the
S11 camera is going to bring something at never-before-seen and for those that
care about cameras to skip the note 10 and wait for the S he also stated that
they'll be developing a deep fusion function similar to the iPhone 11 that
will use the NPU with machine learning to help create better photos and videos
ice universe has always been a very reliable source when it comes to Samsung
leaks but he never gives too much away early on so it will be interesting to
see what's coming and if it's gonna match up to the likes of Huawei devices
at the time when it comes to the design of the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy One there are
many different concepts being provided at this
and reports earlier on in the year saying that Samsung are close to the in
display camera of making people think we could finally see it this time round
personally I don't think it's going to be ready just yet and we may have to
wait another year until we see the in display camera from Samsung when it
comes to the display itself but we can no doubt expect another beautiful
dynamic AMOLED display with the high resolution and pixel denty but it's
going to be interesting to see if they stick with the 60 Hertz display or bump
it up to 90 or 120 considering other manufacturers are using these and
Samsung are actually supplying some of them ice universe also advised it in the
Galaxy S11 they're going to be using the new m10 OLED instead of the m9 so
this will see some great improvements as well and if the latest news is correct
we could also have the inclusion of the incredibly popular s-pen we also had a
leak from Sam Mobile who advised the phone is gonna come in white blue pink
or black and that Samsung are sticking with the over branding so this could
mean we get an aura glow option that proved very popular in the nose hardware
wise will of course see the snapdragon 865 along with the latest X on our
system on chip and Sam Mobile said that we could see up to 12 gigs of ram
coupled with one terabyte storage in the base model starting at 128 we're no
doubt gonna see a varied range again considering the popularity of all of the
S tens and I would expect the plus to contain the time-of-flight sensor as
they did with the note 10 there are also reports that all models are going to be
5g compatible instead of having separate 5g versions it's gonna be interesting to
see if they switch to the vertical camera alignment like they did with the
note or if they stick with the horizontal layout from the s tens if
it's being merged with the new name then we could see a completely different
design than usual with a removal of the three and a half mil headphone jack in
the note it's unlikely that we'll be seeing that again but consumer
complaints could have changed Samsung's views on this until we get any
confirmation from Samsung that then we're still unsure at this time it will
of course be running Android 10 in the form of one UI and battery capacity is
likely to be similar to the current S range there again rumors coming in of
graphene batteries be News but we pretty much get this every
year and it never happens as with every year we'll likely see a price increase
for each model but hopefully nothing too big we have the s10 II starting at 750
dollars the s10 starting at 900 and the S Templar starting from 1,000 dollars so
we can expect the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy One to be slightly higher than these the
range usually launches in February then releases in March so we can expect the
same this time round unless the merging of these ranges has changed anything
over the next few months were of course going to be seeing many different leaks
and renders probably of varying designs as people try and figure out what the
device is going to look like when it comes to Samsung however the galaxy
range tends to be more traditional and refined whereas the a range is a little
bit more experimental if the devices do merge however then we may see something
very different from what they normally offer us of course as soon as we get
some solid leaks I'll be sharing with you guys straight away but as always I'd
like to know your thoughts in the comments who aren't there is waiting for
the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy One and what are your thoughts of the merge of the two
lines is it a good idea or a bad one but thanks for watching the video if you
liked it smash the thumbs up if you didn't hit the thumbs down twice and
I'll see you guys in the next one
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SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 - Shocking News!

28 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 18, 2019
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