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Welcome back to this three-part series
about YouTube's rules of the road.
In the first two videos
we talked about Community Guidelines and copyright.
In this last video, I'll get into how the YouTube Partner Program
and our advertiser-friendly guidelines work.
Now that you've posted content that complies with those
what else could there be?
Well, in order to make money on YouTube
you need to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).
We built policies for YPP with the goal of rewarding creators
who work hard on unique and original content.
The success of the YouTube Partner Program
relies on advertisers willing to associate their brands with YouTube videos.
If they lose trust in YouTube, it can hurt the earnings of all creators.
So, we don't allow egregious behavior
that has a large negative impact on the community.
This means you should be respectful of your viewers,
your fellow creators, and our advertisers --
both on and off YouTube.
For an overview of each YPP policy,
click the Card in the top right hand corner of this video.
Once you're in YPP you can make money from features like
channel memberships, Super Chat, or even create your own merch.
You can also run ads on your videos
but, in order to make money from ads on YouTube
your content must follow YouTube's advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
Brands come to YouTube to connect with potential customers
but it's important to them
that their advertisements only show on content that aligns with their brand.
Because of that, we've worked closely with advertisers
and based on their feedback, have created advertiser-friendly guidelines.
Advertiser-friendly content is appropriate for most audiences
it doesn't include sensitive themes
like sexually suggestive material or drug consumption.
Some brands are willing to show their ads on more mature content
but if your video contains mature themes
it might receive less revenue from ads overall
because fewer brands are interested in showing ads on your video.
To learn more about advertiser-friendly guidelines, click here.
And that's it!
We hope this was a helpful overview of YouTube's Community Guidelines
basic copyright, YouTube Partner Program policies
and advertiser-friendly guidelines.
These systems all work together
to keep YouTube safe, legal, and allow you to make money
so be sure to familiarize yourself
with the ones that make sense for the way you intend to use YouTube.
If you missed any of these three videos, please go back and check them out.
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YouTube Partner Program and Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines: YouTube’s Rules of the Road (Part 3)

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 18, 2019
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