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So, Pheebs...
- I was wondering... - No, Balfour cannot stay in my room.
I was gonna ask if maybe
you wanted to keep fighting crime together?
Really? You still wanna be a team?
You know, we have a pretty awesome twin power.
Be a shame to waste it.
[zapping sound]
- So fist bumps from now on? Cool. - Totally.
Alert. Alert.
Super President Kickbutt approaching.
Look, if this is about me leaving the Z Force,
I'm sorry, but...
Max Thunderman doesn't put anything before family.
Oh, I agree.
That's why I fired the Commander.
- Huh? - What?
The Hero League has no use for an arrogant hotshot
who cares more about saying his own name
than saving lives.
Wait, so what happened to him?
Here's your latte, Madame President.
I said light foam, you fool!
Go wait in the hover car.
Oh, how dark Trumbo has fallen.
So, who's gonna run the Z Force now?
In light of their consistent performance battling the Villain League,
and their understanding of the true nature of heroism,
I'm making the new head of the Z Force...
Phoebe and Max.
We're the head of the Z Force?
Thank you, Super President Kickbutt! This is such an honor.
As the new commanders, you can hire whomever you want.
Anyone we want, huh? Um...
Sure could use a superhero with super strength.
- Oh! - Electricity would be handy, too.
And of course super speed, lasers, and teleporting
could really help us make some saves.
Good luck finding a hero with all of those powers.
Billy, he means us!
We're finally gonna be superheroes!
Laser Girl reporting for duty!
And call me...
The Rapid Gentleman!
How about Kid Quick?
Kid Quick!
- Are you sure about this? - Hey!
You guys gave up being superheroes so we could live a normal life, but...
Maybe being a family of superheroes is our normal life.
What do you say, Barb?
Well, I say...
Looks like Thunderman and Electress are back in action!
Don't forget Thunder Baby, baby!
Thundermans, suit up!
[music playing]
[audience cheering]
Good, you're ready.
The South China Sea has been taken over
by the Brain Puncher.
Your supersonic jet is waiting for you outside.
- Well, I can fly. - And I can teleport.
Do you want the jet or not?
- Yes, ma'am! - Yes!
Good luck, Z Force!
[music playing]
Oh, Phoebe. Should we...
Uh, one more thing.
It's not the Z Force anymore.
It's the T Force.
[music playing]
[audience applauding]
- The 'T' is for the Thundermans. - I think she got it.
Now let's go save the world.
[music playing]
[audience cheering]
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Max, Phoebe, T-Force & the New Normal | The Thundermans FINAL Scene | Nick

67 Folder Collection
姵伶 published on October 16, 2019
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