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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 258. The title of today's lesson is the
difference between save up and save on. Okay this is one we're again students of
ESL might make a mistake that might mix up the two. The common mistake usually is
to use save up when you're supposed to be using save on. But anyway, let's first look at the meaning.
To save up means to gradually put aside money or small amounts of a supply of
something for future use. So you definitely save up money or you could
save up the supply of something that you need for something in the future as
well. All right. To save on something means to save money when buying something. So
you were able to get something for either a cheaper price or you were
somehow or someway able to spend less money for something similar or almost the
same thing. So you saved on it Okay. So again, let's look at the first example.
here with the X. This one's wrong. To save up the budget the company will no longer
provide a free trip for their employees. Of course this is wrong, to say save up
here. You should be saying to save on the budget the company will no longer
provide a free trip for their employees. Yeah. So they're they're saving on the
money that they have to spend for their budget. So they're saving on , not saving
up. All right . Let's take a look. Let's continue here. To save on the cost of diapers,
we've started to buy in bulk. Now we order them by the case. So this is,
this is correct. This is a way that we commonly use to save on. So it's another
example you're actually saving money. You're buying in bulk. So each diaper
ends up costing less per diaper. So you're saving on the cost of diapers. You're
in bulk. Remember in bulk means buying in large quantities. Okay. Here's another
mistake, with the X where it's wrong. To save up the cost of my clothes I tried
to wait for clearance sales. So again. This is what you should use. With a check
here. To save on the cost of my clothes I try to wait for clearance sales. Okay good.
And then we'll just give you one example of where we would normally use to save up. We have
been saving up money to go on an overseas trip. Okay good. I hope it's
clear I hope you got it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (258) The Difference Between Save Up and Save On

15 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on October 16, 2019
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