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(dramatic music)
- [Narrator] Everyone called them The Three.
Three backwater hicks who would come out of the woods
to drink and stalk women. (men laughing)
Usually they hunted in Earl's Bar in town.
But tonight, they were chasing me.
They were driving in their truck,
each of them with a beer in their hand
drinking and swerving, nearly hitting me, making me run.
"Why are you going for a walk by the cemetery huh?
"Aint no one around," they called.
Two of them were yelling at me stuff like,
"where you goin' sweetheart, where you goin'?"
But the tall one, their leader, kept looking
at his handsome reflection in his pocket mirror,
fixing his hair, smiling.
I fell down.
Mud splashing all over me.
They hooted and hollered and parked the truck.
One of them grabbed a bat, it had notches,
one for every hunt.
I got up clutching my soaking wet book bag
and started to run again.
They chased me. (footsteps stepping)
We were running by the cemetery at the edge of town.
"Got somewhere to be?"
They laughed like hyenas.
One of them threw a beer bottle and it smashed
against the gate, pieces cutting me.
"Don't damage the goods idiot", their leader said.
The one that kept checking his reflection
in his pocket mirror.
I turned and ran to the cemetery trying to dodge
and weave between the statues and tombstones
but they kept moving around, cackling, laughing,
knowing no one else was around.
They would grab me and push me into a gravestone
and laugh harder, let me get up and then push me again.
Exhausted, I got up and ran but just ran head first
into the leader who grabbed me.
"Please let me go", I asked.
The leader of the three looked up from his hand mirror.
"Ask again", he said.
"But this time, beg."
They crowded around me, laughing under their breath.
"I'm begging you, please let me go", I asked.
And he smiled.
He walked up facing me and wiped some mud from my cheek.
"You've got somethin' on your face", he grinned.
Then he threw me against a mausoleum wall
and they all started grabbing my clothes.
"This is a nice shirt", one of 'em said.
He pulled at my top. (clothing tearing)
But then he stopped.
There was a crunching sound in the cemetery.
Like stones being moved. (stones grinding)
They peered into the darkness.
One of them picked up a rock and threw it into the darkness.
They turned back to me.
The rock flew back and hit one of them
in the back of the head.
They spun around, a hand still on my shirt.
"Show yourself", one of them yelled, patting his bat.
"Show yourself, now!"
And then they heard it, the stone crunching sound.
The statue they had backed me up against
was alive and looking down at them.
To them, it was a statue, to me it was Aponi.
Aponi reached down and wrapped its cold hand
around the wrist clenching my shirt.
Aponi's stone head tilted.
"Let go of my shirt", I said.
Aponi snapped his wrist.
He sprung back holding the stump of his arm,
(liquid gushing) blood spurting out.
"Get outta here", the leader screamed.
And they began running.
I ran too.
The one who was bleeding out was falling behind.
I caught up to him, I tripped him.
He hit the ground looking at me, astonished.
Aponi was approaching.
He tried to jump over a headstone,
but the Aponi grabbed his leg and pulled it down,
snapping it. (screaming)
He screamed out loud.
His leg now facing backwards.
He huddled against the head stone trying to hide.
I walked over and looked at him.
"What are you doing", he whimpered.
"Having a bit of fun", I replied.
He felt the headstone start to move
as the statue pushed it.
He tried to move but he was too slow.
The gravestone fell down slowly, folding him in half.
I watched.
The other two were running for their lives.
One of them made the mistake of looking back.
He went down before he know what had hit him,
it was the statue.
She threw him against the wall of a tomb.
He hit the wall hard.
His bones cracked. (screaming)
I watched him slide down the wall onto the wet ground,
blood in his hair, some teeth knocked out.
Wheezing, he got to his knees.
He couldn't see where the statue was.
He tried to get up, holding his arm,
leaning against the wall for support.
The leader had doubled back and ran over
holding out his hand.
"Come on", he yelled.
"I can't."
"Come on", he yelled, taking the other's hand.
Then they heard something, a quiet whistling.
Something moving through the air.
They realized what it was too late,
a tombstone falling out of the sky.
"Wait no!"
It landed on the one on the ground,
splattering his body onto their leader.
He was covered in his friends' blood now.
He looked at me, dazed.
Looked down at his friend and began to cry.
But I wasn't looking at him.
I was looking at the leader's pocket mirror.
And idea popped into my head.
"What did you do to my friends?"
I didn't reply to what he was asking.
I just opened his pocket mirror and had
the leader face his own handsome reflection.
Suddenly, a slash appeared across his neck.
He pressed his hand to it.
Then one against his forearm.
He didn't know what was going on.
Another slash on his chest.
Finally, he spun around and saw her.
A little girl who moved like broken glass.
She muttered, Mirra, and slashed again.
This time his chin.
"Let me go", he said.
"Ask again", I said.
"But this time, beg."
He looked back and the girl slashed his forehead.
Blood poured down his face and into his eyes.
"Please, I'm begging you", he cried.
"Let me go!"
I smiled and said, "no."
Two cuts went down his back as he spiraled around in pain.
Another cut to his face while he cried out.
Another cut.
The blood curdling screams echoed throughout the cemetery.
Another cut and another until his face was laying
on the ground, removed from his body.
He fell to his knees as Mirra slit his throat
and he bled out.
I picked up my book bag and stood amongst
the bodies of my attackers,
with Aponi and Mirra standing right next to me.
My, or rather our, first hunt.
Our first of many.
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STONEHEART | "Cemetery" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

76 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 16, 2019
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