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- [Narrator] This is Oliver
a Humboldt penguin,
named after the Humboldt Current in South America.
It's estimated that less than 12,000 remain in the wild.
(gentle music)
His size may not show it, but Oliver is a fully-grown male.
Humboldts are distinguished by their black backs
and tails, and by a black band across their chest
that runs down the body.
Found along the coast of Peru in Chile, Humboldt penguins
live on the rocky mainland, shores, or coastal islands.
They have a body made to swim.
Using their strong wings, they get up to
17 miles per hour underwater.
They love their fish, especially small ones,
like the anchovies and herring that they hunt for
in the coastal waters, where the Pacific meets
South America.
Unlike Arctic penguins, they live in warm weather climates
and in large colonies as a collective defense
against predators.
The biggest threat to these little guys are
entanglement in fishery nets, human encroachment,
and habitat loss.
This is the Humboldt penguin.
(gentle music)
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The Humboldt Penguin Slides for Survival

326 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 15, 2019
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