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(upbeat music)
- [Karmele] The difference between orangutans
and other animals,
they need this process of learning.
They learn by imitating.
They learn by observing.
So that's why we created these forest schools,
where they can learn from each other.
(happy music)
This is the International Animal Rescue Center
for orangutans in Ketapang.
We have now 102 orangutans.
We come across orangutans that are
kept as pets illegally.
We also rescue them for the habitat that is disappearing.
When we rescue orangutans,
especially when they are small babies,
these babies have lost their mothers.
Normally an orangutan will remain
with its mother for as long as
seven to eight years of their lives.
And this is the process when the orangutans have the chance
to learn from their mothers how to survive in the wild,
what to eat,
what not to eat,
what are the dangers of the forest.
What we have to do is to teach them
how to survive in the wild.
(joyful music)
In these forest schools,
one of the first ones is how to be off the ground,
how to spend time on the top of the trees.
Which, it might seem like a very simple thing,
but actually some of these orangutans
are having living with people
and having chained up or living in small cages.
At the beginning they are afraid to climb a tree.
The ultimate goal of this rehabilitation
is to release these animals back to the wild.
What is special with orangutans
is they are very similar to humans.
If we don't care about orangutans,
I think it's even more difficult
that we are going to care about any of the other species.
If they get extinct in Indonesia
they will be extinct from the face of the world.
So we have to do something about this now.
(joyful music)
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The World's Cutest "Preschool"

135 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 15, 2019
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