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What does childbirth feel like?
Well if you get an epidural it feels like you're pooping
but in a really weird position
'cause they make you put your legs up and hold them.
(springy music)
Hi my name's Maddie, nice to meet you.
Hi I'm Davina.
Do you know why you're here?
Yeah because you're a teen mom.
Okay, how old do you think I am? Do you know yet?
I'm 15.
I had my baby when I was 14
and I had just turned 14 when I got pregnant.
How old are you?
I'm 12.
I remember when I was 12.
Boys would always like send pictures and stuff.
I'm like what was that weird looking worm?
They don't do that anymore here?
Oh well I got one Snapchat about it and was just like
just gonna delete.
It's really bad.
So I kind of got exposed to that early.
Then when I got a boyfriend, he wanted to have sex.
I didn't really want to but.
Tell him to do it himself.
(Both laughing)
I kinda thought, I love him. This is what he wants.
So if want to keep him, this is what I have to do.
Which, is not the case. So never..
Think that, but we ended up having sex and I got pregnant.
Did you guys use protection?
Yeah, but in Texas they don't really teach you
about that in school.
What would you think if you got pregnant?
Oh I feel like I'd get killed.
(Maddie Gasps)
My parents would be like.
No. Yeah.That's what I thought too.
Luckily my parents were supportive,
but with some people, like, it's not the case for them.
And it's really sad.
How did you know if you were pregnant?
I lost a lot of weight 'cause of morning sickness.
Didn't your mom take you to the doctor?
Yeah. She thought I was sick.
So when I went to the doctor, one of the nurses,
she was a teen mom, so she just had this gut feeling.
Like I did not say anything. Well she did a pregnancy test,
and it turns out I was, I think, 12/14 weeks pregnant.
So I found out pretty far along.
Oh wow.
So yeah. Me and her dad had already broken up.
I ended up telling him. How do you think he reacted?
I don't think he'd want to keep the baby.
Yeah. His initial thought was abortion.
At three months pregnant, abortion wasn't really
something that I thought I should go through with.
So, I ended up keeping her. Obviously.
But she is the little light of my life.
Obviously, you should not be having sex at 14.
Well yeah.
Yeah, but I mean stuff happens.
I can't go back and change it, you know.
And even if I could, I wouldn't because I love my daughter.
But it's obviously not something I recommend.
I don't recommend it at all.
Did people feel bad for you being pregnant at 14?
Like yes. They also kinda feel like
I'm a bad person because of it.
I don't think you're a bad person.
- Thank you. - Just made a
- Bad choice. - Yeah.
I agree with that. I took the consequences of my actions
and I made it into a beautiful thing.
Do you still keep in contact with her dad?
Um, I do now but that just happened.
He recently started seeing her
and I mean he's been really nice.
I really didn't expect that kindness from him,
but I'm really happy that she gets to have a father
in her life because even though I'm a young mom,
I wanna try to make her life as normal as possible,
and as good as possible. Do you wanna meet her?
She's so cute. This is Everly. Everly, this is Davina.
Ah she's so cute. I love babies.
Do you want to try to hold her?
I'm scared. I think she is gonna yell.
You can shake hands. Everly shake hands.
Oh wrong hand. Okay. Okay. Oh she's so warm.
What's your favorite part about
Just the bond.
My mom would always talk about it.
I was just kinda like oh yeah so its basically a bond
you would have with a sibling, but it's
so much more than that. It's just like.
I don't have a good bond with my sibling.
(everyone laughs)
She's just like "go away". I'm like, "I'm in the hallway".
High five. Oh nope. Not with that hand.
Bye it was so nice to meet you.
Everly you want to shake hands too?
Oh it's the slobber hand.
Oh that's okay. It's a cute slobber hand.
Okay bye.
Okay. She's happy. I'm gone.
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(baby babbling)
Oh my gosh.
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12 Year Old Girl Meets a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

191 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on October 14, 2019    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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