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- [Narrator] Country music. (country music)
And grabbing your partner for a Do-si-do.
You probably have a fuzzy memory of trying to master
these moves in middle school gym class, am I right?
So why were we all forced to couple up
and endure this embarrassment?
Well, it's all thanks to Henry Ford.
- [Man] Now grab your partner and Do-si-do.
- [Narrator] He was the father of the car
and the assembly line.
But here's a little known fact.
Henry Ford loved to dance,
especially with his wife Clara.
Square dancing has deep roots in American culture
dating back to Colonial Times.
It remained popular until the waltz and polka
went mainstream in the 19th century.
So in the 1920s, Ford took it upon himself to revive
the old tradition.
- [Man] Let's do it y'all.
- [Narrator] He opened a ballroom in his hometown
and encouraged his factory workers and their families
to take part.
He felt square dancing helped teach manners,
exercise, values, and grace.
Soon after, he worked to create a National Square
Dancing Program.
Boards of Education across the country started endorsing
Ford's mission, and since then,
students have been taught to square dance.
Today, 24, states still list square dancing
as their official state dance.
So if you feel like reliving awkward gym class moments
I'm sure you can find square dancing lessons
somewhere nearby.
- [Man] All jump up and never come down.
Swing your pretty girl 'round and 'round.
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Why You Were Forced to Square Dance

53 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 14, 2019
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