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"Ongoing training and development opportunities
for even the most
insatiable learner."
You're going to do all the work.
"Be your healthiest."
They want to keep you alive so they can squeeze every
last drop of productivity out of you.
And they want you to work a full day.
Going to a meeting.
Going to a meeting about the previous meeting for an update.
Then getting an update in person about the update
to the previous meeting.
They're going to be calling you at home and go,
“Are you O.K.?”
“Well, I'm on my personal time.”
"There is no personal time."
You will have information coming at you
on every single device, all of the time.
I want a desk that's strapped to my body
that I get to take to the car with me.
That's part of this gig.
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Ending the Never-Ending Workday | Presented by Dropbox

56 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 14, 2019
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