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there are two kinds of people on this planet there are those who eat blue
Doritos and those who eat purple Doritos and youre weird if you eat the purple ones
what even are you blue you are the best and then there are those who drink Pepsi
or those who drink Coca Cola and obviously Pepsi is the best uhh who are you? and then there are
those who use Apple or use Android and uh if you use Android who are you
what oh and then there are the absolute tea lovers or the coffee lovers or more
specifically the Starbucks lovers I am one of those and then there are waffle
and spaghetti I know what you're thinking what in the world well boys are
waffles and girls are spaghetti boys tend to process things in boxes
they usually *random gargle* Wow wait hold on compartmentalize there we go
compartmentalize everything so you know how a waffle has all these little boxes
well they have a box for sports and you know sportsie things and then they
have a box for chores and you know when they're doing chores they're just doing
chores and that's all that's in that box taking out the trash mowing the lawn
all that fun stuff and you know there's a box for girls where they think about Anna and Jessica
and amber and all these random chicks and then there's an actually a nothing
box where there's literally nothing in there so when they tell you nothing
they really mean like nothing nada then girls can't understand that because
girls process life like a plate of pasta everything connects one noodle leads to
another and it's all continuation we're really good multitaskers so that's how
we can do our nails while we text our BFF then we're just like oh hey what are
you doing tomorrow and then they're like "oh i'm gonna do something" and then we're like "oh i want to go!" and then while were texting our friend and doing their nails
we're doing our math homework and figuring out what's right for our essay
and whatever and you know my homework is boring so then we at the same time go
online and look up for long sleeves and oh i need a skirt and I need new shoes
and we're trying to figure out how to buy all these things than they're
expensive and what to pick and then at the same time we're thinking about oh
that new boy that just transitioned into my morning class on tuesdays, i should get his number or something and then at the same
time we're like eating some Doritos and we're trying not to get any of the
Doritos on our nails while we're texting our friend about that boy while trying
to understand our homework and picking out clothes and it's just an ongoing
cycle it really just never ends it just keeps going I will say this though there
is a disclaimer just wait for it it's coming there it is
not all boys are waffles and not all girls are spaghetti these two can change
or mix or you can be both it really just depends on you the person
this whole concept is actually based on the statistic that boys are more left
side brained and girls are more right-side brain which means the left
side is more logical whereas the right side is more intuitive but obviously
these can switch you know they can be opposite so yeah when it comes to problem-solving girls tend
to talk about everything I don't know if you've ever experienced this but girls
can talk for hours girls desires to talk things through and
process the situation usually when we talk we get all the emotional relational
logical spiritual aspects of the entire the entire situation and this is usually
how we solve things you know we talk we cry and after crying and talking we're 1
a 1 a 1 whereas boys have their boxes and usually when they have a problem
they go to that box and they try to fix it they like having simple solutions to
problems in that one box and for example if they have a football box and they're
really good at football I mean that that's great if they have a math box
they have problems and stuff like that and they can solve it guys will usually
stay in boxes that they are good at and avoid the ones they are not so I don't
know if you've ever seen this but if a guy is really good at being lazy he'll
just stay in the lazy box forever forever so obviously with these
different kinds of ways of you know solving problems you know there tends to
be problems so for example a guy actually wants to listen to a girl and
they're sitting down and the girls like shoes shoes so okay we're in the shoe
box and then she goes on to talk about chipotle okay food box great I love food and
then she goes on to say oh my dad's a jerk like
oh were all the sudden in the dad box and then she goes on and talk about oh
I'm ugly and then we're in the ugly boxes oh my gosh and then she's talking
about Brittany's weird and and it's just too many boxes they're trying to keep up
and they just end up being in a nothing box and they just stay there till
you're done and usually we're like oh are you even are you listening hello and
then they just jumped to the next box was just closest and that's usually the
what box which involves what? and we get all upset you never listen and really they were trying
to listen but they just couldn't keep up with our spaghettiness but referring to
that nothing box and while they're just in there they can be there for
hours I don't even know how that works but we're just like what are you
thinking about and they're like nothing and they're actually thinking about
nothing but we can't understand that because spaghetti and we're just like
that's impossible how does that even work and then we get into this whole
problem and oh you're trying to hide something and oh I'm not telling the truth and they
have to make up something that's believable and really it's just
something about nothing its uh... its ridiculous oh my favorite general statements where boys just like
mumble something and I it's not even comprehensible like I'm good or football
or or like some weird sound like it's I can't even
and apparently guys understand that perfectly but whatever but advice for
spaghetti let waffles know when you transitioning to another box it keeps um
straight and waffles just let spaghetti roll out and it'll be over soon I
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Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti

119 Folder Collection
Sabrina Yang published on October 14, 2019
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