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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 125. The noun phrase today
is a fair shake. Okay. Let's look at the note here . If someone gets a fair shake
or is given a fair shake , he or she is given a fair chance or fair treatment. So
they're not favoring somebody or giving somebody more of a chance than giving
you. Okay. Let's continue. Some think the origin may have derived from the shaking
of dice. You know, you have to shake the dice, before you actually let it go and
roll it. A fair shake would be a natural shake rather than if someone tried to
shake in a away ... maybe they're trying to look at the dice at the same time. We
kind of try to drop it so it's more likely to land the way they want it to
land in their favor. Or it could also imply if someone was trying to you know,
either have fixed dice or weighted dice. We know that's a way of cheating
with dice. So a fair shake would be you know, with normal dice. Dice that's not
fixed or not weighted. So that somebody could cheat. So we could say that could
be like a fair shake. Make sure nobody's trying to cheat you. Okay. Let's continue.
The earliest citing goes back to 1830 from the publication, " The Central
Watchtower and Farmers Journal. " Okay. All right, Let's continue. And we have
actually four examples here today. Here's the first one. He faces trial in that
country or if he faces trial in that country, he won't get a fair shake. They
will just set up a kangaroo court and find him guilty. Remember we covered that
one as a noun phrase before too. Kangaroo court is kind of a court that just plans
to find you guilty no matter what the evidence says. So that's what we say that.
So if he goes to that kind of a court, he's not going to get a fair shake. Okay.
Let's look at number two here. All of the candidates should get the same amount of
questions and speaking time in order to get a
fair shake. Yeah. Over the years I've watched a lot of political primaries and
sometimes the news network favor a few candidates and they tend to give them
more time or better questions or easier maybe sometimes we say a softball
question. You know where the other candidates it's a little tougher for
them or they get less questions, less speaking time. Obviously if that's the
case, they're not getting a fair shake. They tend to be favoring a few
candidates over some others. Okay. Good. Let's look at number three here. Online
Commerce has given more of a fair shake to small business owners. Yeah. So because
your presence online doesn't look like much of a difference. So at least in the
past or at least when the Internet commerce first started, it seems like you
know it was more of a level playing field for small business. Where you know
out there big business of course they got all the money, they can do all the
advertising they get old a big presence of the best stores the best locations
but online everybody was more equal. So they got more of a fair shake. Okay. Let's
look good number four here. If somebody might say it this way. Let us try out. You
know , maybe maybe somebody didn't even want them to try out. Give us a chance we
are only asking for a fair shake. It's just the way that you may hear it. Anyway,
I hope you got it . I hope its clear. I hope it was informative . Thank you for your time.
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English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (125) A Fair Shake

17 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on October 13, 2019
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