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Hi this is to Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 369. The title of
today's lesson is do not use downstairs or upstairs with prepositions, especially
prepositions like in, to , at or on. They don't need it. Let's look at the note
here. The words downstairs and upstairs already have the meaning of "to " or "on" a
lower floor, of course for downstairs or an upper floor for upstairs. So it
already has the meaning of the prepositions included in it. So if you
look up downstairs in the dictionary, it means like to or on a lower floor. If you
look up upstairs, it means two are on an upper floor. So you don't need these
prepositions to go with these words. Okay. Let's continue. Let's look at some
examples here. Of course with the X, this is where a student might make the
mistake and where it's wrong. So if the student said I went to upstairs to get a
book from my room. No. You should have just simply said here with the check. I
went upstairs to get a book from my room. So you didn't need to say " to" upstairs.
It's not needed here. Or again with the X, this is wrong. The bathroom is located at
downstairs. No. Again it doesn't take this
preposition. With the check, this would be right. You'd say the bathroom is located
downstairs. So no, no at, no in, no on. Okay. And the last one here with the X. The basement is
in the downstairs. Yeah. Definitely wrong. You should
say with the check here. The basement is downstairs. And that's another thing too
that students often make a mistake. You should never say something is in a floor
in a floor, it sounds like it's like underneath the wood or underneath the
tiles like you know, where the bugs may live. We usually say something is on a
floor. But in this case with downstairs and upstairs. You don't need any of those
prepositions. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was informative. Thank you
for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (369) Do Not Use Upstairs With Prepositions in , to or at

37 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on October 13, 2019
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