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- We've got eight questions that The Office's new podcast
had better answer.
Attention, Office fans, grab your World's Best Boss mugs
and Dwight bobble-heads, you're going to want to sit down
for this because The Office is coming back!
- Oh my god, okay, it's happening!
- In podcast form.
Well, not an official podcast.
You might say it's a Jenna Fisch-ial podcast
because former Office stars Jenna Fischer,
who played receptionist-artist-turned salesperson,
Pam Beesley-Halpert, and Angela Kinsey,
who played everyone's favorite cat-loving,
karaoke-singing accountant, Angela Martin-Schrute,
are teaming up to host a new podcast,
aptly called Office Ladies.
On the podcast, the pair will break down
every episode of The Office, answer fan questions,
and review behind-the-scenes secrets.
- It's gonna be mental!
It's going to be mental.
- And it's no secret that we here at Nerdist
are huge Office fans, so we are obviously super excited
for this series, but what do we wanna hear
from Jenna and Angela?
Well, there are still a lot of questions left over
from the nine season run of The Office,
and while some of those questions have already
been answered, for example, Jenna Fischer
recently revealed what Pam said to Michael
in Michael's final episode of The Office.
"That was me talking to Steve.
"I told him all the ways I was going to miss him
"when he left our show.
"Those were real tears and a real goodbye.
"That was a really emotional scene."
Aw, well, that doesn't explain what Pam
would've said to Micheal in the universe of The Office,
meaning that's still an unanswered question
left by The Office.
Now we've had a few theories
about other Office hypotheticals,
like who was the real Scranton Strangler,
and why was the documentary being filmed
in the first place?
These and many other threads left in the air
are prime for discussion on the new Office podcast.
So what are some of these other questions
that were left behind, let's break them all down.
- Yeah, I have a lot of questions.
Number one: how dare you?
- (laughing) Starting off with a theory we just mentioned,
the Scranton Strangler.
While we have discovered borderline conclusive evidence
that Toby is the murderer--
- You are the silent killer, go back to the annex.
- You'll see. - Well, the show itself
has never given us a definitive answer.
Maybe Jenna and Angela will finally dish
on the specifics of this one.
And speaking of Toby, our next unanswered Office question:
what is the origin of Michael's hatred of Toby?
- You are the worst, I hate looking at your face.
I wanna smash it!
- While Toby is the subject of Michael's ire
throughout the series, we never really get a backstory
on just why Michael hates Toby so much.
- I hate
so much about the things that you choose to be.
- Well, in terms of the podcast,
it would be exciting to learn of how that relationship
got its start, and how things went very,
very wrong between these two characters.
Another character's backstory we never got was Louanne.
You might remember some additional Office employees
in the holes of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton,
from the first three seasons who never seem to speak
or get any sort of context or origin.
What happened to these people?
What happened to Louanne?
Jenna and Angela, tell us the truth.
From questions about the characters
to more existential questions,
like why was the documentary of The Office
being filmed in the first place?
Though, we did a story about this awhile back.
Our theory was a little bit dark.
So we'd love some clarification from people
who were actually on the show at the time.
Was it because an employee of Dunder Mifflin
committed suicide, or was it just a look
at typical Office life?
Office Ladies, we're lookin' to you for answers.
- There is a massive conspiracy going on here,
and I know you're involved. - Dwight, get out
of my nook! - Well, staying
on the topic of documentaries, we all remember
Michael showing up in the finale of the series
to deliver one last,
"That's what she said," at Dwight's wedding.
- That's what she said. - But why wasn't he present
for the panel discussion about the documentary?
Well, it's evident that Michael's absence
was probably trying to maintain the impact
of Steve Carell's surprise at the wedding,
there's, again, no in-universe explanation for this.
Considering Michael's love of cinema
and his involvement in the documentary,
it's weird that he wasn't there for the discussion.
On Office Ladies, we're guessing there will be
a lot to talk about in terms of Dwight
due to Angela and Dwight's seasons-long relationship.
One question we have about Dwight
is from all the way back in season two.
In the episode, Drug Testing, Dwight mentions
that, "I like the people that I work with, generally.
"With four exceptions."
Now, we might be able to guess.
We don't know if we're sure who are these exceptions,
who does Dwight hate more than anybody else?
We're pretty sure Jim is one of them.
- Buttlicker, our prices have never been lower!
- Stop it! - One character we're not sure
if Dwight hates or not is Creed,
and there's one lingering concern we have about Creed
that we hope Jenna and Angela answer on the podcast.
Why did Creed need a third chair?
- When Pam gets Michael's old chair, I get Pam's old chair,
and I'll have two chairs.
Only one to go.
- But what did he need these three chairs for?
Well, Creed Bratton, the actor who plays Creed Bratton,
shed some light on this during a Reddit AMA
that left us with even more questions.
When asked, "What did you need three chairs for?"
Creed said, "To climb up into my hidden cubicle
"in the warehouse where I store all the things
"I stole from the company."
A hidden cubicle?
What's in there, what has Creed been stealing
all these years, and what exactly was Creed's job
this whole time? - If I can't scuba,
then what's this all been about?
What am I working toward?
- Questions like these are why we're really
looking forward to the podcast.
Finally, something fans have been curious about
since the Office went off the air
is everyone's status after the show.
What are the characters up to?
Who still works at Dunder Mifflin?
What is Michael doing right now?
Which couples are still together?
Even if it's just Jenna and Angela hypothesizing,
it'll be interesting to get their takes
on the whole Scranton gang.
While we might not get answers
to all of these Office questions, we're excited
to hear more about the inside workings of Dunder Mifflin.
And it'll be great to get an Office fix
in the lead-up to its Netflix departure
before it heads to the NBC streaming service
in a year or so.
But what do you folks think?
Are you excited for Office Ladies?
What questions do you hope
that they answer about the Office?
And which two Office characters would you
most want to host a podcast?
Jim and Pam, Michael and Dwight,
maybe Kelly and Ryan?
Kevin and Stanley here, 100%, but let's discuss.
Thanks for watching.
If you liked what you saw, why not give us a like
and subscribe, and if you wanna get notified
every time we go live with a show
or drop a new video, feel free to mash that little bell
so you can be up to date on all the latest theories,
news, and rumors in the pop culture world.
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The Office’s New Podcast Better Answer These 8 Questions! (Nerdist News w/ Jacki Jing)

68 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 13, 2019
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