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The premiere of season 17, and Kylie has something for you.
Well, we have something for you.
All right.
So we got you a little punch card for season 17.
And if you-- So first you could punch off me and my mom.
And if you get all of us--
What happens?
If all of us come on your season,
--she has a puncher right next to her.
Then you got a prize.
What's the prize?
Maybe you can go on Kylie's next birthday trip.
Oh, that's a--
I saw pictures of that.
I went and I had a blast.
All right.
So I have two of you.
I just have three to go.
That's easy because you're always on the show.
Somebody is on the show.
That's great.
But it has to be a different person.
I understand what you're saying.
I'm not a stupid--
I understand.
Are you going to jump rope with that hair?
What's happening?
Honestly, I'm like, I don't even know how to sit with this.
I know.
I mean, look how long that is.
I know.
It's not mine.
I mean, really.
Like little Stormi.
Stormi could jump rope.
Stormi was playing with it before this,
and I was like, don't play with my ponytail.
Well, why wouldn't she want to play with that?
I know.
All right.
So I'll talk to you in a second.
You're the brains behind this entire organization here.
But this is crazy.
So Kylie says to you that she's interested in makeup.
That's what you wanted to do.
So you've got all these sisters who
are successful in doing all these things.
Suddenly you were here four years ago, just launching--
I know.
--the cosmetics line.
Full circle.
You were so nervous, like what's going to happen?
I know.
Four years later, you're a billionaire.
It's crazy.
It is crazy.
I never would have imagined that Kylie Cosmetics
would have been this huge and had so much success.
But I mean, we work really hard.
I'm so blessed to be able to just have fun every day
with makeup.
It's truly my passion.
It's truly what I love.
So it's just such a blessing that I
could turn it into a business at the same time.
You get to do something that you said that you're
passionate about, and then it turns out
that you're a billionaire.
I mean, how much money do you have on you right now?
I don't really-- I just have my credit card.
So you don't carry cash?
Not really.
Like I would think Travis probably like just
walks around with wads of cash, right?
He always has cash.
But like what's the most money that Travis-- is it
like hundreds of thousands?
I mean-- Like in cash in his pocket?
No, not in his pocket.
He doesn't walk around with hundreds--
--It's probably a briefcase or something.
But I've seen yeah, I've seen some cash.
I'm not going to lie.
Just wads of cash.
Just wads of cash sometimes.
That's what the rappers do, Kris.
They do?
Oh, wow.
Wads and wads of cash.
That's wild.
What do you carry around, Kris?
Like $100.
That is not true.
No, in $20s.
I have a little stack of $20s just in case.
She does.
The most you carry around is $100?
Maybe a couple hundred.
Listen, back in the day I used to carry $1,000 all the time.
That was my thing.
If I had money, if I didn't have money.
$1,000 in $20s.
Every time I look for money, half of it
was gone because I had six kids.
And so it disappeared like that.
It just evaporated.
So I just gave up and now I have--
there's less to steal.
Well, they don't need to steal from you anymore.
Thank god.
What is the difference that you feel, honestly?
I think people are so fascinated by this because I think
everybody thinks that money changes you, and changes
your life and changes your world.
I personally think it's a wonderful thing
and it gives you freedom.
For sure.
And it obviously is less stress in your life
to not worry about money.
But do you feel, has it changed you?
I mean, do you understand?
The concept of billionaire is crazy to me.
I actually think that it was the exact opposite for me.
It made me realize that I could get new car anytime I want,
or this.
But that happiness only lasts so long.
So I realized at a young age how important
it is to find happiness in my baby now,
and relationships and stuff like that.
Your mom.
My mom.
That's great.
My mom is my everything, you already know that.
I love you so much.
Thank you.
I love you so much.
She's great.
Kris is such a good person, isn't she?
She's the best.
And it's a testament--
I can't believe that you're my mom.
I can't believe that you're my baby.
You're gonna make me cry.
You're my little-- you're my youngest.
I'm here.
I love you so much.
Here I am.
All right.
So the baby, which I saw backstage, Stormi.
She comes everywhere with me.
She's adorable and such a good baby.
Such a good baby.
She's so mellow.
She takes more after you or Travis?
She is the perfect mixture of both of us.
She's definitely like a little rager.
She loves music, but--
She was dancing in the dressing room
to all of you guys dancing.
While you guys were all dancing, --she
couldn't take her eyes off the screen--
--she was back there dancing.
It's so cute.
It was cute.
But yeah, she's the perfect mixture of both of us.
You tell me that Stormi reminds you a lot of me.
She is like a little Kylie.
It's really wild.
It's like sometimes she looks at you and you think,
I have to remind myself, no, that's
my granddaughter, not Kylie.
For two seconds it catches me off-guard.
You're starting to lose it, huh?
I am.
Oh, I told you that.
That's the age that's kicking in.
Kylie and then Stormi.
That's my grandbaby, not my daughter.
When I start calling her Kylie, we know we have a problem.
There's so many times that we're sitting talking
and she goes, "what's her name again?" about her child.
What you forget--
I ask her every time, what's that one's name?
And then I have to day.
She answers.
There's times when she's yelling at me and she's like,
Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kylie!
Like she can't get it together.
I'm like, do you even know my name?
No, she tells me stories.
She goes, "What's the one?"
And I said, "Kendall?"
She goes, "Yeah, that's her name."
That's it.
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Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott

28 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 11, 2019
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