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  • 主持人,阁下们和青年伙伴们 Dear moderator, excellences, and fellow young people,

  • 感谢各位给我这个机会 Thank you so much for giving me the floor

  • 我是易烊千玺,我很荣幸能够代表亚太地区分会场 I'm Yi Yangqianxi. It's my honor to report back the discussion from Asia

  • 来对我们昨天的讨论进行汇报 and Pacific session on behalf of the group

  • 根据我们的讨论 According to our discussion

  • 对青少年来说最关键的三个需求是 the top three key needs for young people

  • 性别平等,教育和赋权 are gender equality, education and empowerment

  • 青少年可以改变世界 Young people can make a difference

  • 青少年可以提供创新的解决方案 Young people can bring creativity into solutions

  • 例如使用社交媒体和创新技术 like using social media and new technologies

  • 在亚太分会场的讨论中 At the Asia and Pacific session

  • 我们探讨了青少年的参与对实现五个歌持续发展目标所带来的意义 we looked at what meaningful youth particitation means for five SDGs

  • 大家环顾会场可以看到 You can see around the interesting posters

  • 来自亚太区的青年代表们所绘制的有趣的海报 our youth participants from the region has made

  • 我们所提出的建议如下 Here are our recommendations

  • 首先,在制定政策,规划和倡导的过程中,做到以人为本 First, put people at the centre during all policy-making, programming and advocacy process

  • 从青少年真正的需求出发 We must consider young people's real needs

  • 其次,确保“赋权、平等以及包容”作为关键原则 Second, ensure that 'empower, equal and inclusive' are the key principles

  • 融入到所有的发展议程里 embedded in all development agendas

  • 最后,通过不断更新且满足劳动力市场的教育项目 Finally, equip young people with skills that are needed in a changing world

  • 来帮助青少年获取所需要的技能,以适应飞速变化的世界 through updated education program, that fit the labour market

  • 青少年不应只是找工作的人,也可以成为创造工作的人 Young people should not only be job-seekers, but also job-creators

  • 青少年在呼吁改变,就在这里,就是现在 Young people are demanding change right here, right now

  • 在亚太区,我们已经做好了准备 And in Asia Pacific we stand ready

  • 为实现可持续发展目标来贡献我们的力量 to make sure we play our parts in achieving the SDGs

  • 在中文有一句短语,叫“一起来吧” We have a phrase in Chinese, "Yi qi lai ba"

  • 它的意思是,Come on! Let's go! It means, C'mon! Let's go!

  • 所以,让我们今天就行动起来!一起来吧! So let's take action today! Yi qi lai ba!

  • 谢谢! Thank you!

主持人,阁下们和青年伙伴们 Dear moderator, excellences, and fellow young people,

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