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Brian, from Davenport.
From lowa.
-Hi, Brian. -(How are you?)
I'm well-- Hi, Brian.
I'm well as far as I know, but what do I know?
You know, I'm sure, I'm sure, mmm--
You know, I've got to say "fine," because, ultimately, it's true.
For all of us.
Agreed, agreed.
OK. So, good to see you, Brian.
So, what's your question?
Well, my question is in regards to releasing outcome.
Oh, Brian, why don't you read it,
so, everyone can catch up with us?
So, the email that I sent,
"First, let me say you've been such an inspiration
and life-changing force in my life in the past few months.
I discovered you a few months ago
and it's just really started changing my perspective on almost everything."
So, thank you for that."
Oh, you're very welcome.
Where did you find out about The Work?
Actually, I was watching The Rosie Show.
-And Jenny McCarthy was on. -Yeah.
And she mentioned your name.
And I'd heard your name before.
And I thought, "Well, I'm gonna just Google it."
And I started watching the videos, and then I found "Loving What Is."
And now, I just can't get enough.
Oh, that is-- Doesn't it fill the hunger?
It's like, say, there's only one hunger,
the hunger for oneself.
And it certainly brings it forth, those questions.
That's exactly right.
Yeah. I almost can't even describe it, but that's an excellent way to say it.
Yeah. A little experience going here, but you certainly relate to it.
So, continue to read.
"My question is in regards to releasing outcome.
I am currently unemployed.
I just relocated back to my hometown area,
here in the Midwest.
I have had great job interviews
and I wish to be able to let go of the outcome,
once I have done my best in the application interview process.
So, my question is,
'How do you keep from feeling anxious about these results,
when it relates to your livelihood?'"
OK. So, for one thing, have you ever heard me talk
or have you read about the three kinds of business?
Whose business is it, who you hire?
That's their business.
-Whose business-- -It's the person's hiring.
Whose business is it who you hire,
if you're gonna hire someone?
-My business. -OK.
And whose business is it who they hire?
-Their business. -OK.
And what happens to your life when you mentally go into their business?
That's where the anxiety comes from.
Yeah. It's like, you're already running their business
and they haven't even hired you.
You're out of-- You're in the wrong job.
-Right. -OK.
So, now, and I invite all of you to notice,
whose business you're in.
Whose company are you running? Whose life are you running?
Whose world are you running?
And just notice how much effort that takes.
And that can just bring you right back to your own business,
where you're standing or sitting and noticing all the gifts around you.
They're limitless.
I mean, look where you're sitting and notice what's holding you,
that chair, and what's holding that, and what's holding that.
And the way you're shaking your head--
I mean, you're not even-- not the doer, there it comes again.
I mean, and that smile, spontaneous.
You know, you're--
This is a miracle. This is a miracle being lived.
And when we're mentally out of our business,
we miss what's really going on.
Now, to me, that's being employed.
That's the job that matters,
because in what people call "the now," in "the now,"
that's where everything you are to do in life is possible.
I mean, it could be just doing the dishes.
It's like, a thought comes, "To do the dishes."
That's your employment.
If you can't do that, when someone hires you,
what are they hiring?
So, you think the thought, "Do the dishes,"
and for some of us, our mind overrides it,
like, "What for?" "It's not my turn."
"He dirtied the dishes!" "I'm always"--yada, yada, yada.
And it overrides that first, clear direction.
"You want a great job?" OK, first do the dishes.
Just do that.
And then, it's like--
Do the laundry.
I mean, it can just--
It's just the most marvelous, marvelous thing.
OK. So, "You are unemployed."
Is that true?
It's not true.
And how do you react, what happens to your head and your life,
when you think the thought, "I'm unemployed"?
I get a little overwhelmed.
I get anxious.
I feel like other people are having this expectation
that I should be employed or that I am unemployed.
I start to get into other people's business.
Oh, isn't that interesting?
So, you start taking over their world.
Let's say you're in your home, you're sitting there, alone,
you bring the whole world in with you.
That's a lot.
That's a lot. That's pretty stressful.
What they think, what they care about,
what they want, what they should--
And, of course, for me, that all belongs on paper,
where I can question it and wake me up,
wake me up to the things we're talking about now.
Now, in that situation you are imagining,
let's just say you're sitting here alone.
Who would you be without the thought, "I'm unemployed"?
I'd be much freer--
and open--
Freer to what?
-To speak-- -To sit there, comfortably.
In your own skin and be supported with what you do have.
Oh, you know, sweetheart, that is the greatest employment
I think we can have.
And then the phone rings and they say, "You got the job!"
and you think-- It's just like, "Next!"
I've done the dishes, you know?
If I can do the dishes on cue, I can do that.
Or maybe not. Let's just go see what's next.
Let's see what's next, you know? That's my job.
-Right. -To see what's next.
And, if I don't love it, then it shows me what's next.
And because that's my employment, that's my job,
it's always priority with me.
That way, I'm--
I'm more user-friendly to the world.
Sure, sure.
And that's my heart-- Isn't that our heart's desire?
So, "I'm unemployed." Turn it around.
What's an opposite?
"I'm fully employed."
So, give you an example, "I'm fully employed."
am living--
what's in front of me right now.
I'm in chair, I'm talking to you--
You know, I love that.
You know how many people in the world are sitting in a chair,
talking to someone
and they don't even know that that's their world?
They may be attempting to--
They're seeking love, approval, appreciation from that person.
They're just not so comfortable.
-Mm-hmm. -Can you find another example?
"I'm fully employed."
I have a lot of extracurricular things in my life going on in the arts--
Oh, my goodness.
-Very lucky there. -Very employed there.
Very employed there.
Very much so.
Which feels great.
And I think so much of what you're saying,
and putting it on paper, and thinking about it,
and putting it up against inquiry,
um, it works for me.
And I think part of it,
part of, maybe, the problem,
if you want to describe it as that, is being patient with myself
when that old thought pattern comes back.
-You know what I mean? -Yes. I do.
Like, I can be cruising along and then it comes back.
I do. So, put it on paper, what's coming back is what's left.
And also, I had another example of "I'm fully employed."
-Wanna hear it? -Yeah, please.
"I'm fully employed,"
I'm dedicated to putting my applications in everywhere.
That's employment.
My job is to continue to put those applications in.
And who they hire is none of my business.
It is not kind, it's not respectful to run their company,
when I'm not even paid to.
It certainly costs me the awareness of what is, right here, in this moment.
And that's a beautiful thing.
Now, if they hire you, you make the money,
so then you're going to be comfortable.
Well, you can have that right now.
Because if you can't be comfortable here, you can't be comfortable there.
So, this is training.
You know, it's like, why put it off?
Why put off the joy of living right now,
when having a job, mentally,
is designed to give you that, ultimately?
So, we never have to wait for that.
It's like, we can retire now, on the job.
If they hire you and you love it, it's just doing the dishes.
No more, no less.
-Yeah. -And your art--
So, those thoughts
that you experience,
sweetheart, identify them,
put them on paper, and that Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet.
And, you know, there's that new app out,
where you can just carry The Work with you,
just wherever you are.
You just identify the thoughts,
stick it on there and Work it on through.
I just downloaded that yesterday.
Oh, my gosh. Have you tried it?
I have, yeah.
I tried it yesterday.
It's very easy to do and it's right there in your pocket.
Oh, that's great.
How were the tutorials? Do those work for you?
That's, yeah--
I didn't go through all of the tutorials, but yeah--
I started out there and they're very helpful.
Oh, good. Good.
OK. Any sign that they're not, we just switch it around.
We have an amazing team here, an amazing staff.
I believe it, I believe it.
Oh, Brian--
Honey, thank you for your Work.
Thank you so much.
It means-- It's almost surreal talking to you.
So, thank you.
Well, you know, we're both employed
and we've just done our job.
And I think we did it well. "Next!"
Thank you. Thank you, Brian.
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Releasing Outcomes Live with Byron Katie

113 Folder Collection
Satya Lai published on October 8, 2019
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