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Hello, my name is David, and I'm a project manager.
Hi, I'm Natasha, and I'm a radiologist.
And we've been best friends for 15 years.
I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions that I have about purchasing a home.
- It means so much to me, thank you. - Of course, I love you guys.
We have a tradition, every Thursday night, we do trivia night with our significant others.
I bring my husband, Josh, and you bring your wife, Steph.
Who carries our team.
Yes, we...
How long was the entire home-purchasing process for you?
From when we went to the open house, put an offer, to when we closed took about four months.
Four months, wow.
- Yeah. - Wow.
We went to a cute restaurant around the corner, and I was like, "The brunches I could have" and I was just, "I have to live here!"
That's what convinced you?
I was like, all the brunches!
How difficult was it to say to yourself, "OK, this is what we can afford."
Think about your monthly cost.
You know, if you have a certain mortgage, you want to think about what you monthly have that check, you have to write every month.
- Great. - Yeah.
There you go, writing checks once a month, writing it down.
And what your lifestyle is like.
So, do the realities of, yeah, I go out to eat, I buy coffee, I like to go out to dinner.
These are things that contribute to my overall happiness, and will I not be able to do these things if I have a crazy mortgage that I really can't afford?
So just be honest with yourself with what you really can afford and what you really can do without.
So, during that whole year, what was the hardest thing that you and Josh went through?
Honestly, it was just the anxiety and the emotional journey of being like...
OK, we're going to make the biggest purchase of our lives, that was a big part.
And also kind of just doing the steps involved to do that.
Like, one of the things we didn't know is like, you have to get a pre-approval before you go into looking for places, before anybody kind of takes you seriously.
Pre-approval in the sense of, you know, having all your paperwork ready?
So, they kind of tell you what you can spend before you spend it.
So, you know, you have a guideline, so you're not like buying completely out of your price range.
So, the bank is gonna basically tell you like, this is how much money you could get a mortgage for.
- Oh. - Yeah.
Now, what's all the paperwork that we're gonna need before...
Ho, there's a lot of paperwork!
Oh, there is?
We set up an e-mail filter for everything that was kind of coming in that.
He's really taking notes as well.
Yes, I gotta know!
We set up an email filter, so everything that was coming bank-related, kind of home-related, kind of was flagged and kept in this special folder.
There is a lot of paperwork, but the banks make it really, really easy for you.
There's always someone available to help guide you with it.
Oh, I'm all out of paper.
Got any advice for me?
When you're doing the process, it's gonna feel like a lot, but just stay calm, stay grounded, and have faith that there will be a good place for you.
Because there will be.
To see this place that you and your husband have, for me, it's just motivating.
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A Homeowner Shares Tips For Buying Your First Home

2053 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on October 7, 2019    Annie Chien translated    Evangeline reviewed
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