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actual test one listening comprehension in the listening test you will be asked
to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English the entire listening test
will last approximately 45 minutes there are four parts and directions are given
for each part you must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet do not
write your answers in the test book part one directions for each question in this
part you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book when you
hear the statements you must select the one statement that best describes what
you see in the picture then find the number of the question on your answer
sheet and mark your answer the statements will not be printed in your
test book and will be spoken only one time look at the example item below now
listen to the four statements a their leaving the room B they're turning on
the machine see they're sitting at the table D
they're reading the newspaper statement C they're sitting at the table is the
best description of the picture so you should select answer C and mark it on
your answer sheet now let us begin part one with question #number one number one
look at the picture marked number one in your test book a the woman is taking
care of her children be the man is good friends with the woman on the Left
see the woman is having some snacks D the man is holding a walking stick
#number two look at the picture marked number two in your test book a there is
no one living in the houses B these houses are being built right now see
there are cars parked on the right D the cars are not in the shadows
#number three look at the picture marked number three in your test book a the
train is about to approach the station B the train is yet to come
see there are cartons being piled up on the ground D people are now trying to
get on the train
#number four look at the picture mark to number four in your test book a the
children are left by themselves be they enjoying riding a seesaw see the man is
watching the children D they're done riding the swing
#number five look at the picture mark - number five in your test book a these
people are each playing an instrument B they are all playing different musical
instruments C they are trying to donate money D there are people crowded in
front of them
#number six look at the picture mark - number six in your test book a a dozen
school buses upon't B the buses are driving through buildings see these
buses are carrying students D they are the same size
#number seven look at the picture marked number seven in your test book a they
are trying to videotape B they take pictures with one hand see they look
like photographers D they are trying to give away their cameras
#number eight look at the picture marks number eight in your test book a people
are waiting for a roller coaster me there are lots of trees on the street
see people are waiting for a bus in a line D the buses arrived for the people
#number nine look at the picture marks number nine in your test book a the
parking lot is completely filled with cars B there are cars going through the
forest see some people are skiing on the mountain D the cars on the road look
very similar
#number ten look at the picture marked number ten in your test book hey the
woman are talking in a friendly way be the women are trying to exit the Train
see the people are buying food from a train crew d all the people are sitting
in their seats
part two directions you will hear a question or statement and three
responses spoken in English they will be spoken only one time and will not be
printed in your test book select the best response to the question or
statement and mark the letter A B or C on your answer sheet now listen to an
example question you will hear where is the meeting room you will also hear a to
meet the new director B it's the first room on the right
C yes at 2:00 o'clock the best response to the question where is the meeting
room is choice B it's the first room on the right so B is the correct answer you
should mark answer B on your answer sheet now let us begin part 2 with
question number 11 number 11 who was that with mr. Willis last week a he was
crazy about it B I have no appointment today
C that was his wife
number 12 where can I take the red line subway into su Kyung University a at 3
p.m. be at a station next to the bakery see the subway doesn't stop there
number 13 what kind of apartment are you looking for a something with a big front
yard B I'll come home on Sunday C no I'm taking the subway instead
number fourteen do you think I have to take an umbrella
hey no I don't believe she does B yes we expect some raindrops later today see it
stopped raining
number 15 do I have to invoice his orders right now or take a break first a
we are running out of paper B let's get the orders done first see I am crazy
about that restaurant
number 16 when do you think the parcel will be shipped hey I'd rather go by
vessel B by Monday morning next week see no I don't believe it
number 17 how about visiting your mother's house and eating a homemade
dinner Hey lunch was very tasty Thank You B that
sounds great see he took a break at home
number 18 where should I pay for my conference ticket hey you should first
check the information desk B yes I guess it does see that sounds weird
number 19 don't you want to go to the cinema this afternoon
hey no I am fed up with it be yes she's moving this afternoon see thank you I'll
take two
number twenty who was missing from yesterday's dinner hey Nancy had a
dentist appointment be it was never noticed see yes it's a good debate
number 21 you took a subway to get to work today didn't you
hey yes I saved some time and money B no he hasn't shown up at work today see did
you see the bus schedule
number 22 I wonder why so few applicants have applied for this company this time
a apply it cautiously V no not this time see don't worry it's just been a week
number 23 why don't you have mr. Craig planned for his father's birthday
eh sure I will ask him to set up a time B that's all right he did see the
security man is very handsome
number 24 have you met the new boss yet hey excellent thank you be it's before
the lunch break see we first met at the company's
founding anniversary
number 25 you're going to the string quartet this Friday aren't you hey well
I can introduce them to you B yes be careful in using string and needles C
that's all up to the musicians who are playing
number 26 when can I possibly receive my paycheck Hey within a day or so be the
cashier is right there see I received one too
number 27 how about asking your director for a
recommendation letter hey how long does it take to get to the conference room B
by Express Mail please see I believe he is kind enough to do so
number 28 do you know when mr. OPM set up the job interview for Thursday a he
didn't mention it be from Main Street to Broadway Street see yes you can taste a
variety of fresh fish
number 29 you didn't see any pharmacy on your way to the restaurant did you hey I
haven't taken it yet B I saw several see he's on his way home right now
number 30 how long is this coupon effective a 15% discount be no much
shorter than you expect see for one week
number 31 there's way too much work to be done by tomorrow a don't be concerned
we can do it be it was working smoothly this morning
see it's all the way to San Pierre
number 32 would you like to have a cup of coffee with me after the meeting
hey no I was absent at the meeting B yes thank you I'd love it
C oh she is always interested in other people's business
number 33 has she ever had a TV interview with Jim Carrey before hey we
have a great sight to the shore be know she has an excellent eye vision see yes
but I don't recall when
number 34 how much paid maternity leave do you offer your workers a Italy is
lovely this time of year B yes I've heard of it C some women take a
three-week leave
number 35 your beauty shop is planned to open next week isn't it a it's either
weekly or daily be don't be concerned I'll close it for a day see that's what
we want
number 36 did you hear whether or not mr. Kim was promoted as the chief
accountant eh yes she's been working hard for this
firm B no I don't think they've made up their mind
C no he didn't fill out the application form yet
number 37 I'll drop by your office right away
eh no more to the right be take your time
see no you can't make it
number 38 what's inside that bag hey the red one with blue stripes B those are my
office supplies see I left it in my room
number 39 why the charity gifts been taken to the
orphanage yet eh they work for free at the orphanage be
through the teaching assistants office please see we're waiting until Saturday
to do it
number 40 is the painting in color or is it just in black and white
a I can't think of a better reason be blue is my favorite color see it's a
black and white artwork
part three directions you will hear some conversations between two people you
will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each
conversation select the best response to each question and mark the letter a B C
or D on your answer sheet the conversations will be spoken only one
time and will not be printed in your test book now let us begin part three
with question number forty-one questions number 41 through 43 refer to the
following conversation do you know how to get to the conference centre I'm not
sure but I think Nancy knows she met the new vice president there last week do
you want her phone number sure maybe she can give me directions
I'm presenting a report there tomorrow it is about how the pollution affects
the health of people who live in big cities that sounds great I hope your
presentation goes well number forty-one why is the man going to the conference
number 42 why is the man going to call Nancy
number 43 what is the man's presentation about
questions number 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation good morning
city of Aswan permits Department how long does it take to get another parking
permit I got into an accident last night and I think I lost it at the accident
site oh I am sorry to hear that you can pick up a form at to any library
and just mail it back to us that's not too bad thank you so much for your help
number 44 how's the man told to submit the form
number 45 where can you find the form
number 46 how did the men lose the parking permit
questions number 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation did you
change the spark plugs in the blue van no I was going to check the brake fluid
first check the oil and battery and then change the spark plugs I will tell you
one why don't you fix the exhaust system first and then change the spark plugs
okay I can do that but I won't be able to finish everything by today though
number forty-seven who are the speakers
number 48 what does the woman suggest the man do first
number 49 what is the outcome of the suggestion
questions number 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation I'm really
disappointed with the marketing campaign for our new product line yes the
products tested well but they're not selling quickly let's meet with the
advertising people and try to generate new ideas I've already called and asked
them for the soonest day we can meet however it seems like they're already on
another project now they said they can only review the advertisement but not
have another meeting with us number 50 what are the speaker's discussing
number 51 what do you know about their product
number 52 what problem do they have in the effort to get a better virtus meant
questions number 53 through 55 referred to the following conversation front desk
could you ask someone to send a bucket of ice to my room there's an ice machine
on every floor of the hotel I know that but I am not really in a good condition
to get it myself so could you have someone deliver it to
my room please all right it will be sent up to your room in a minute number 53
how would the woman probably get the ice
number fifty-four what can you tell about the woman
number 55 when will the woman get the ice
questions number 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation the
pan-european Film Festival is going to be right here in Seville this year you
do not know how excited I am oh yeah I heard that they are also highlighting
the works of independent filmmakers this year what does that mean well in the
previous years only the filmmakers who had a company that supported them were
eligible for the award but now even the films of a filmmaker who has had no
outside support will be reviewed and awarded Wow that sounds fair enough
number 56 what are they discussing
number 57 what is going to be different for this year for the festival
number 58 how does the man feel about the change in the festival from previous
years to this year
questions number 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation mrs. Jackson
do you think I could switch my shift from night to day for tomorrow I have a
really important interview tomorrow night well who's going to be working
tomorrow is it Phil yes it's Phil I already asked him if he would work
during the night for me and he said yes okay but you do remember that the day's
menu is different from the nights menu right you should look through the menu
tonight so that you know what the customers might order tomorrow I'll
leave my mobile phone number in case you have any questions number 59 what are
the speaker's discussing
number 60 what is the man requesting of mrs. Jackson
number 61 what will the man probably do tonight
questions number 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation the color of
this paint is not what the customer requested could you mix them more then
this paint is supposed to be picked up later today actually it's almost the
time for the customer to come pick it up okay
well I'll have to mix a new pack of white paint by hand since the machine
doesn't seem to be working properly all right go ahead could you do it as fast
as you can though if we don't get this done on time then we might have to give
the customer another discount remember how we had to do that last time number
62 how will the woman solve the problem
number 63 what is the man afraid of
number 64 in what circumstances would they give the customer a discount
questions number 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation Paul can we
put this advertisement in the newspaper by this weekend for this advertisement
to be put in the newspaper by this weekend you know that it has to be
submitted by this Thursday right and that will be pretty hard to do yes it
will be also I forgot that mr. Johnson needs to approve it first and he won't
be back from his trip until Wednesday so I guess we're going to have to give it
another weekend then well we do have two days to finish it and we can show it to
him as soon as he gets back would you like to give it a shot number 65 when is
mr. Johnson expected to return
number 66 what do you know from their conversation
number 67 what is true about the woman
questions number 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation Laura do you
have the agenda for the sales discussions no I don't Lori has typed it
out but I don't have a copy yet you should get the copy from her but she's
not in the office right now she took off for lunch a couple of minutes ago
are you serious could you tell her to bring the copy when she comes back from
lunch I totally forgot that today was our final meeting for the new sales plan
now mr. Young has another reason to fire me Oh Peter don't worry so much
last time I even missed the meeting but mr. young can care less about it
you'll be okay number 68 where does Peter most likely work end
number 69 what did Peter forget
number 70 what can you say about the woman
part four directions you will hear some short talks given by a single speaker
you will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in
each short talk select the best response to each question and mark the letter a B
C or D on your answer sheet the talks will be spoken only one time and will
not be printed in your test book now let us begin part four with question number
71 question 71 through 73 refer to the following announcement good morning
ladies and gentlemen we were supposed to begin our trip today on the river
however over the past 24 hours heavy rains have caused the river to swell
making the conditions too dangerous for us to risk our rafting trip I hope that
we will be able to begin our three-day trip tomorrow but the weather forecast
is calling for more rain therefore we will have to wait and see because the
trip has been delayed the rafting company has scheduled alternative
activities for you today including indoor football movie presentations and
a comedy show later this afternoon if weather permits we'll head out to the
river tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. number 71
why has the rafting trip being delayed
number 72 what can the travelers do instead
number 73 where all the travelers go to the river
question 74 through 76 refer to the following report statistics showed that
there are currently 20 million immigrants working illegally in the
United States as a result of this high number American immigration authorities
have begun programs to increase security at international borders and to issue
personal identification cards to all American nationals the US government has
announced today that it is planning to reduce the number of illegal immigrants
by half within five years number 74 how many illegal immigrants are currently
working in the US
number 75 how is the American government planning on dealing with this issue
number 76 how soon is the government planning on reducing the number of
illegal workers
question 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement ladies and
gentlemen the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign if you haven't
already done so please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in
front of you or in an overhead bin please take your seat and fasten your
seat belt and also make sure your seat is moved back and folding trays are in
their upright position if you are seated next to an emergency exit please read
the special instructions card carefully if you do not wish to perform the
functions described in the event of an emergency please ask a flight attendant
to reseat you at this time we request that all cellular phones radios and
other electronic devices be turned off as these items might interfere with the
navigational equipment on this aircraft if you have any questions about our
flight today please don't hesitate to ask one of your flight attendants thank
you and enjoy your flight number 77 when would a person hear this message
number 78 what is the person sitting next to the emergency exit asked to do
number 79 why should the passengers turn off the electronic equipment
questions 80 through 82 refer to the following talk as the president and CEO
of trans automotives I would like to welcome you to the third annual trans
automobile employee conference I have been in the auto repair business for
more than 30 years and I have never seen the intense public interest in our
industry as I am seeing today because of the high demand for our services and of
course due to the dedicated work of all of you our profits have tripled over the
past three quarters so the Board of Directors decided to give you
across-the-board pay raises and increase research and development spending to
prepare for the next 10 years in business mr. fowler our CFO will come up
to the podium and share with you some details of the plan for the next decade
and of course about the raise you'll be getting in next month's paycheck number
80 how often is the conference held
number 81 why would the employees get a pay raise
number 82 what will the listeners hear next
questions 83 through 85 refer to the following report mayor Silvia attended
the opening service today for the Arbor Lake youth center the center offers a
variety of youth programs to residents living in the Northwest quarter of the
city youths may take part in a number of fun classes such as arts and crafts
cartooning martial arts and dancing as well as participate in various sports
clubs the center is a fun place for students just to hang out chat with
friends or use any of the recreational facilities such as the game room library
tennis courts etc the may enjoyed a lively game of basketball with club
members and had fun painting a mask with students in an art class number 83 what
is the center at Arbor Lake
number 84 what did the mayor do at the center
number 85 what facility is not mentioned in the
questions 86 through 88 refer to the following short speech members of the
Executive Board it gives me great pleasure today to introduce our
marketing director Adriana Santos miss Santos comes to us
from one of our competitors an thena sporting goods at a last employer where
we couldn't help but notice her she was responsible for managing an advertising
budget of more than 20 million dollars she expanded an thena share of the
footwear market by 50 percent in Asia and South America we are lucky to have
lured her away and we are looking to a Gianna's cutting-edge marketing and
advertising skills to regain our lead in selling sports apparel and footwear
around the world Thank You Adriana for jumping ship I'm sure Gianna will work
closely with all of us during this challenging year of reorganization
reform and ultimately renowned vision and profit please join me in warmly
welcoming the newest member of our board number 86 how did the company most
likely select Adriana Santos
number 87 which of the following products does the company produce
number 88 what can be inferred about the company that Adriana Santos has joined
questions 89 through ninety-one refer to the following announcement ladies and
gentlemen I'm afraid that the weather conditions have gotten worse preventing
our landing in the Calgary Airport the snowstorm has encompassed all of Alberta
right now and we will have to return to Vancouver we are very sorry for the
inconvenience this has caused you and will try to make your weight as
comfortable as possible upon our return to Vancouver all passengers will have
the option of sleeping at the Vancouver Airport in for a 70% rate reduction you
will also have access to the business lounge if you prefer to wait there we
will be landing at midnight and have rescheduled our flight to Calgary for
tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. weather permitting and will arrive in Calgary
two hours later at 10:30 a.m. local time thank you for your patience and enjoy a
safe and pleasant flight number 89 why is the flight plan being altered
number 90 what will the travel is definitely not due tonight
number 91 when will the travelers arrive in Calgary the next day
questions 92 through 94 refer to the following report it is estimated that
over 900 thousand computers were dumped in landfills in Australia last year yet
that makes up just 3.5 percent of how Australians currently dispose of their
computers the report says that 69% are stockpiled twenty six percent are reused
and just 1.5 percent are recycled if Australia does nothing in the next 10
years to recycle reuse or dispose of its redundant computers 1.7 million cubic
meters of obsolete computers will be buried computers can be extremely
hazardous to the environment the problem is that they contain materials that most
waste disposal sites have not been designed to accommodate computer
monitors are even worse because they contain soluble lead which can leach
into the soil and into waterways number 92 how many unwanted computers were
reported to be dumped in landfills last year
number 93 what is not away computers are disposed of
number 94 what is the reason mentioned why
computers are dangerous
questions 95 through 97 refer to the following talk as we all know an
important part of our corporate identity here in Aston's has always been the
diversity of our establishments for example Ashton's high-end chain is topic
which is at the top end of the market customers enjoy the atmosphere the
complimentary liquor and the cuisine representing the finest continental
recipes the top head offers an upscale experience in contrast of the family
buffet has an entirely different personality it's family friendly and
also offers hearty fare this diversity is what enables us to compete in today's
market number 95 who is the speaker most likely to be
number 96 what kind of business is Ashton's
number 97 what does the speaker mention as a reason for Ashton's success
questions 98 through 100 refer to the following introduction it is my pleasure
to introduce meredith fulton an independent radio producer and winner of
the Gregory F Pearson award the highest honor in broadcast journalism Meredith
has made her reputation not by producing programs on the hottest celebrity gossip
or the latest public controversy but by concentrating on the achievements of
ordinary people from all walks of life she has recently collected several of
her most interesting stories and a new radio documentary called
voices on the edge number 98 what is the feature of Meredith Bolton's work
number 99 what did Meredith Fulton do
number one hundred who is Meredith Fulton
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594 Folder Collection
Gordon Tsai published on October 6, 2019
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